Designing a website efficiently is extremely important these days as it may become the difference between success and failure of your business. If your website does not possess an appealing design, no one would want to visit it again. By taking into account small but important factors and following the tips given by the experts of the field, you can also maintain an immensely informative, welcoming and catchy website, which is able to gain the interest of more and more internet users. The brand and website design by Struck is getting increasingly popular these days, due to its creativity and sheer elegance.

4 Things You Need To Consider While Designing a Website

If you are looking to create a successful website, you may follow the below-mentioned guidelines:


Just like other fields of human interest, it is extremely important to plan before making your website. You must know the purpose of your website and what exactly you wish to achieve through it. You need to be clear in your head if your website is going to sell products, provide information or represent your company brand. An important part of the planning is to know your target audience as it will help you immensely in designing your website as well as publishing content in it. You must also do appropriate research about the websites of your competitors. Keep in mind that your job of maintaining a successful website will become easier if you have done thorough homework.

Navigation and accessibility

The layout of your website is an extremely important factor that will have a strong impact on your success or failure. If a visitor finds it inconvenient to navigate the site, chances are high that he or she will never visit it again. In order to make your website user-friendly, you may consider having features like concise text descriptions with all the images. Do not lose the simplicity factor in your website in an effort to add flare and shine.


Experts believe that 250 words per page are more than enough to efficiently communicate a message to the visitor. However, in order to generate more and more traffic to your website, it is important to add lots of keywords in the text. Make sure that the information being offered in your website is relevant and catches the attention of a large scale of audience. The writing should be very professional, not possessing any grammatical or factual errors. If you have a writing team to post content on your website, you should also have a couple of editors to go through the work regularly.


One of the most important factors of a website design is its aesthetics. If the style of your website is irritating, a visitor will not think twice before leaving the page. You may add hand-drawn art for a personal touch, if your website is designed for a more intimate audience.