Here’s the list of top 8 iPhone and iPad apps for art lovers.


C64 Paint XL

Dream in pixels on a 200×200 square canvas, painting with all 16 (16!) colours offered by the classic Commodore 64 desktop. Import your photos or create a pixel Picasso from scratch for the S-bit art critic in us all.


iMockups For iPad

The days of grubby sketches on the back of a napkin are long gone. Mock up websites and apps with this elegant, simple app that makes designing new products on the go a total cinch. Napkins? Napkins Indeed!



Use pre-made shapes to create 2D vector drawings, from flow charts to floor plans to fancy flowers. Built-in Dropbox support and a wide range of compatible file formats makes it simplicity itself to share your graphics.


Animation Creator

If you can draw, this is a great way to sketch out simple but professional animations. If, like most people, you can’t, then you can always cobble together epic stickman kung-fu action scenes for an adoring YouTube public.



If you’re badly in need of a devastating post­modern critique of society and its ills, Banksy-Locations will give you directions to the king of graffiti’s nearest piece of wall art. The app will find Banksy pieces around your current location, place map markers for you, and give you the necessary directions. If you don’t feel like making a pilgrimage – or if Hackney Council has painted over the art in question by the time you get there – you’ll be able to browse a large gallery of his pieces. Ha! Look, it’s two policemen kissing. I feel better already.



Make your own pop art semi-masterpiece by dropping in a photo, adding the words you want to appear, and playing with the settings until you have a hi-res image made entirely of words. Ooh, that’s well arty.


Physics Draw

Snowflakes fall from the sky as you draw on the iPad, falling and sliding off the lines your strokes leave behind. Will you sketch an idyllic winter country scene, or perhaps recreate the memorable final scene of Kill Bill: Volume 1?


Spawn illuminati HD

Spawn illuminati lets you play god with the light show unfolding on your screen. Interact via touch or microphone to create visuals that look like images the Hubble telescope might send back. If its creators had dropped more acid.


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