Many of them might have faced difficulties with the free flow of water either in your kitchen or bathroom. One of the main symptoms of the upcoming major issues could be slower flow of water. In that case, you need to keep an eye on the water supply. if everything is good then it’s the starting phase of water clogging.

There are various reasons for water clogging. One of the main reasons is people dump garbage down the drain. As a result of the continuous dumping of garbage there will be building up of gunk in the drainage system. As a result of this, you will start facing issues in kitchen or bathroom.

There are certain easy steps that can be taken in order to protect yourself from major problems and prevent your life coming to a halt. Below mentioned are the first aid kind of techniques that can be used to prevent worsening of the problem. However, we strongly recommend you to consult or hire a professional DIY drain service provider.

Do it yourself remedies to prevent worsening of the water clogging:

  • If you are able to see the gunk then you can flush it away with the help of a plunger.
  • If plunger does not help you then try pouring a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. This is an eco friendly alternative to the harmful chemical that some people use.
  • Cross verify the correct flow of water within the kitchen and bathroom. Monitor the water meter. If it reads the same between certain periods then it is an indication of serious problem.

In spite of you following the above mentioned DIY tips the problem of water clogging continuous then you need to take immediate action and call a professional to handle the issue. This could save you from the case further worsening and you will get a reliable and quality work to fix the root cause.

Some of the advantages of hiring a DIY professional are:

  • They will know the exact cause of the issue and will give you the correct solution
  • With the vast experience in various issues these professionals will attack the root cause and take appropriate course of action.
  • They will educate you with the prevention methodologies, which can be implemented to prevent the reoccurrence of the same issues
  • The professionals will be equipped with the latest technology sensors and other tools, which will solve your problems right from the root.

We have consulted some of the experts in order to arrive at some of the common causes that can ruin your peace of mind. According to the report, hair, food waste and other semi solid particles dropped in the sink can cause the building up of gunk.

In some cases, flow of hard water can cause of forming of salt layer within the piping wall and thus leading to the water clog. Whatever is the cause, maintaining the piping and drainage system in a good working condition can save lots of your time.