There are various options available when the parents look forward to sending their children for schooling. Many working parents are in search of safe places where they can leave their children during daytime when they go to work. Pre nursery schools are the ideal choice where parents can leave their children to get engaged in many fun activities under the care of trained teachers and also get a little bit of social learning. Pre nursery school can offer many benefits to children in preparing them for regular schooling.

Preparing Kids For Their Formal Schooling At A Pre Nursery School

Pre Nursery Schools

Children at various ages can attend these schools; however, most of them will be toddlers. Doubling up its role as a day care facility and learning center, each pre-school offers variety of facilities to toddlers and parents. Let’s explore the general services offered by pre nursery schools.

Most of the pre-schools have a curriculum, which focus more on fun learning prepared specifically for toddlers. Eradicating the fear of learning and building some basics they need for schooling are done at these pre nursery schools. With this learning and confidence, children can instantly excel in their school performance later.

Entry to pre nursery schools can be gained at anytime during the year. Parents can easily enroll their child into such programs for the time while they are working. The caretakers at such facilities have a lot of experience and also well trained in nurturing toddlers of the per nursery school age.

Things to check

There are plenty of pre-school facilities available nowadays, so but you need to be very careful while choosing a good institution where your toddler is safe and comfortable. At the first point, the teachers there need to treat the children with respect and utmost care. Some other important facilities to check for are;

  • Security features including close circuit camera monitoring. Some institutions also offer remote viewing options to the parents through internet.

  • Pre-school facilities should be spacious with adequate play area for children and adequate playing equipment.

  • Ensuring proper nutrition and adequate sleep to toddlers.

  • Overall healthy and hygienic environment.

  • Adequate children-to-caretaker ratio to get individual care.

  • Whether they offer food or you need to pack it for them, and what measures they take to ensure that the kids eat on time.

  • Pick up and drop facilities if any.

  • Training curriculum, which shouldn’t be too heavy.

Preparing a Toddler for School

Preparing you child for school is an important affair, yet so difficult. They may be having a lot of fears and concerns about going school. To make it smooth, it is important to make their first learning experience so exciting. Choosing a good pre nursery school will take care of this transition well to make your toddler a smart schoolchild.

After going to a pre-school for six months to one year, your child will be all set to go to the new school for his or her formal education. As most of the pre-school takes care of teaching alphabets and numbers etc. through fun games, the toddlers will not find it difficult to digest the initial school lessons.