Dispelling the Myths

What are the secrets to success in business? It’s a question that has been posed by aspiring business people for as long as one can remember. From Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, ultra-successful entrepreneurs have been frequently idolised and marvelled at by ambitious individuals looking to uncover the ‘magic formula’ for how to succeed in business. Well, listen carefully folks…… there is no magic formula. That’s right, it turns out that there is no single formula and the persistent myths that abound surrounding ‘innovation’ and ‘breakthrough ideas’, have been comprehensively dispelled.

Secrets To Success In Business

Following in the Footsteps of Others

Don’t be disheartened however, in place of the myths is advice from hugely successful past and present entrepreneurs on how you can take concrete steps to increase your chances of success. For example, founders of NVA Sports Agency (one of the largest in the UK), Chris Nathaniel and Paul Boadi, believe that it is their attitude and persistence that has been most important in ensuring their success. Listed below are some of the factors we think are the most important in determining your success.

What it Really Takes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur 

  • Focus – Focus and intensity on the mission helps to eliminate wasted effort and distractions and ensure you are ready to seize opportunities when they arise.
  • Hard Work – Unsurprisingly hard work is a necessity for any project to succeed, but particularly given the competitive nature of modern business. There really is no easy way to achieve success, and it invariably comes after years of sweat and toil.
  • Trust your gut – Or more accurately the emotional side of your brain. Whilst you should consider the rational side as well, there are too many variables in the real world that mean big decisions should always be left to your gut instinct.
  • Rely on your team – Whilst you may think you can do everything yourself, everyone has different abilities and skills and recognising your own weaknesses as well as other people’s strengths is vital to get the best out of your team and business.
  • Execute – You may think you have the best possible business plan, but chances are there are better ones out there. Success really comes from executing those plans, which is where adaptability becomes so crucial as new information comes to light.
  • Passion for what you do – Finally (and in our opinion most importantly), being passionate about what you are trying to achieve is vital to success. Passion will enable you to work harder, sacrifice more and inspire your team to do the same.