When it comes to designing the ‘special place’ for a guest, it can the short end of the stick.

With regards to sprucing up your home, the visitor room is probably the last thing on your mind. While the attention is paid to various rooms, the visitor room regularly winds up with a mean instance of teenage annoyance: dismal, overlooked, and conceivably loaded with machines which we barely work and furniture no longer needed. It happens, we’ve all been there. An empty haven to occupy in your home can be a boon- particularly if you have friends or family coming over to stay the night. Better yet, you can sleep in to feel different in the room too. If you are in to spice up your spare bedroom- and improving your guest’s accommodation, here are 10 simple suggestions that you can work on:

10 Ways To Make Your Guest Room A Paradise

1- A reading lamp and an alarm clock: To make your guest feel at home, add in a good looking table lamp and an alarm clock. A few trays to corral loose items like coins, glasses, wallets and keys would be helpful.

2- Post-it notes: Ever woke up to mumble through your stuff at an odd time? We have all been there. For starters, you can jot down important things such as your wifi password or simpler instructions and stick the notes on the mirror. It’s better to help without being asked to.

3- Neutral bedroom colors: Brighter colors are known to be more pleasing to the eye than darker shades. Prefer neutral colours to high contrasting palettes.

4- Water: A carafe of water (or a few bottles) will prevent him/her from needlessly hunting for one in the kitchen in the middle of the night parched with thirst.

5- Minimalistic Nightstands Acrylic nightstands are known to consume lesser space and look more stylish. Keep it stocked with interesting books and magazines, preferably ordered and numbered for ease of access.

6- Desk: Should your guest be overstaying his visit by  a few more days, it’s better to add in a acrylic desk which will help him to work and keep their things neat and orderly.

7- Twin beds for more: Try outfitting two matching twin beds to house two guests rather than a single king sized bed.

8- Double duty: The guest room can double duty as your store room where your valuable collections or artwork can be placed in. Or even your room to experiment with different design works.

9- Bathrooms: As an added precaution, always keep the bathroom freshly stocked, scented and cleaned.

10- Save all essentials: Keep stock of extra toothbrushes, razors or other handy hygienic items should the guest forget to bring them.

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