Fluorescent shorts? Check. Flip flop sandals? Check. Laptop and smartphone? Err, check. It seems that taking gadgets on holiday is becoming more common, and here are ten very good reasons why that is.

Find Out Things

Guide books are fine but if you have a device with internet access then you can get a lot more information a lot more quickly. This means that you can easily plan you day in your hotel room just before you head out.

Avoid Hotel Room Boredom

Speaking of hotel rooms, aren’t they dull places? Unless you are a fan of foreign soap operas or the Bloomberg channel then trips abroad don’t even usually offer much in the way of telly based entertainment. It can come as a relief to switch on your PC or phone and pass some time that way.

The Dreaded Airport Wait

Did you know that airport waiting lounges occupy their own time zone? One hour anywhere else in the world lasts at least three in these places. There is only so much time a sane person can waste looking at duty free whisky and travel accessories if we are being honest.

Avoid Expensive Phone Calls

Making an internet video call or sending an email is much better and cheaper than paying for a conventional phone call home.

Don’t Miss Anything

All it takes is a few minutes each day and you will be sure that you aren’t missing anything important back home.

Augmented Reality

By slipping on an augmented reality app you can find out about places of interest in the city you are in. There are lots of different ones about and this is a fantastic way to see what is around you without being weighed down by a hefty travel guide.

Write a Blog

One of the most modern ways of adding an extra dimension to a family holiday is by writing a holiday blog. This will help you tell people back home what you have done and also lets you keep a holiday diary really simply.

Don’t Miss Work

If you want to keep working while you are away then you will need some technology to help you do it. In fact, maybe promising to check in every day is the only way you can get the time off in the first place.

Make an Impression

A top notch gadget will turn heads wherever you go. Just take care of your security before whipping out your tablet or smartphone on the beach.

Stay on Top of Your travel Arrangements

It is very important to make sure that you are aware of any travel changes or weather problems, checkout Rail Travel France for rail tickets to Paris. This is especially true on a longer, independent trip but having access to the latest travel information can give peace of mind on any holiday.