Summers are meant to be times when you can plan for memorable, crazy vacations (if you’re still studying) or have amazing weekend getaways (if you’re already working). Get into the summer swing by arming your mobile device with apps that can help you plan your trips or vacations quickly and even while on the go.

Summer Mobile Device Preparations

Travel Apps

There are many kinds of travel-oriented apps, and you should get the following types depending on what you want to do:


If you’re planning to go on the road with our friends, you can prevent Hangover-style situations by having a travel organizer. These apps can be filled out with travel data such as ticket numbers, hotel info, and itineraries, so you know where all of you generally are planning to go, what your accommodations are, and what your viable travel options are. Unless you lose your mobile device (knock on wood!), you can’t go wrong with this one.

Ticket Buying

For those who are planning to travel by air, or who are going on long road trips using buses, these kinds of apps allow you to plan multiple hops on the go. This can also apply to ships travel. Just make sure you have online banking or credit accounts ready.


Two words: Budget organizers. If you’re planning to go on a tight budget, or if you just want to save up as much as possible, then a budget organizer app is your best friend. Aside from calculating your credit card expenses, checking on your accounts online, and generally letting you tally your daily purchases, some apps can also use your mobile device’s camera to record sensitive papers like thermal-paper receipts, for future reference.


The last thing you need to be unaware of is the weather. Yes, it may be summer, but some places can still have inclement weather, and the summer heat itself can make you prone to sunstroke and other kinds of physical stresses. Weather apps can give you up to a week’s worth of advance warning for sunny or cloudy skies. Even better, most of them have warnings for incoming extreme weather.

Map App

If you’re the one behind the wheel, then the best app you can put on your mobile device is a map app that can transform your mobile device into a GPS device. For travelers, detailed maps of a city’s shops and other places of interest are also needed. Whatever the case may be, having a map to figure out where you are can be a vacation-saver.

Communication App

It’s important that you can call friends and family. Mobile lines sometimes don’t work, so it may be a good idea to have a VoIP service app that either can link you to a messager application online, or can cross over to a landline. That way, you can use either your roaming mobile line or any Internet hotspot to phone home.

Photo Apps (Social Media)

The best way to keep track of your vacation is to have photographic proof, ready for your friends to see, make fun of, or envy you for. You can also download the photos later to come up with a scrapbook, if you want to hold your crazy memories in your hand.


A great summer vacation would not be complete without a soundtrack. It’s important that you pair your music player app with a great set of headphones or earbuds, so you can go through your vacation with the right soundtrack in mind.

Power Conservation

Finally, a properly set power conservation app can lengthen your time between charges, so you don’t have to worry about losing power at the worst sort of instances.