Yoga might be the reason behind your glowing skin, your flexible body, your strength, your stamina and behind the youthful energy your body thrives on. But, yoga isn’t just for the youth and nor it is it necessary to start the practice of yoga during your youth to attain the advantages that yoga provides one with. Yoga is for people belonging to all age groups, although the yoga postures or asanas that one practises changes and evolves with age.

Our body changes with time. The youth wears off and is replaced by old age when our strength, stamina and general fitness level reduces by more than one ways. The practice of yoga does help one in maintaining, retaining and restoring general health and vitality. Our yoga practice changes and evolves as we age.

Yoga practice was originated in Ancient India and later was spread across the globe. This Indian practice of yoga is shaped and reshaped over and over again to meet the needs of individual with varying health conditions and age. Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world is the home or rather the ultimate destination for those seeking peace, health and harmony. Yoga courses in Rishikesh have bloomed in all parts of it, especially right along the banks of the holy river Ganges.

These Yoga courses in Rishikeshbelieve in the evolution of yoga practices as one ages. In the initial years of life, early 20s, ones’ body is much more energetic and full of life, thus fast paced style of yoga can be done. This is more like a cardio workout which makes one sweat.

Once one reaches late 20s and 30s, the Yoga school in Rishikesh prefer to one to practice postures that help one build strength in the core muscles of hips, back and torso. Thus, poses like chair pose, boat pose, bridge pose etc. are advised to be practised.

When one reaches late 30s and 40s, major changes take place. Changes not just in terms of body but also life. Usually people who through their mid-life crisis and job-work-family stress burdens the mind of most. Thus, Yoga courses in Rishikesh believe this age to be the appropriate age for people to start focusing their yoga practices towards meditation and relaxation so as to create and restore balance of body, mind and soul.

40s and 50s see major changes in our body in terms of hormones. The life in domains of family and work also goes through tremendous changes. Thus, during this period of life ones’ focus should be on practicing poses which emphasizes on balancing. Traditional Tree pose and warrior pose should be a regular practice. Balancing the body is closely related to the balancing of various elements of body and mind. Further, breathing techniques should be practiced. Pranayam can do wonders to reduce stress and restore health and wellness.

Yoga courses in Rishikesh and programmes all across the world consider yoga to be a practise for healthy aging and it to be a tool to prevent or reduce illness and aging.