Android system is somewhat similar to PC. Where it means if you have deleted some files its gone, to recover it on PC you have recycle bin you can go to it and recover your files if you deleted the data from recycle bin then there might be no solution to it. But for android if you delete any file you can get back the data(files) but the process is little bigger as it does not have any options like recycle bin.

One of the best android data recovery software which i suggest to use is Wondershare’s Dr Fone For Android. Dr Fone supports mostly all the device from each and every manufacturers. This tool enables you to backup your whole data at once and supports all the data types. With this you can recover your every messages, contacts, notes, musics, videos, etc rather than only recovering your documents, files, etc as every other software do.

Wondershare Dr.Fone For Android Review

Features Of Wondershare Dr.Fone For Android

  • Helps in recovering your all the data from your android phone.

  • Helps in recovering of data like your documents, messages,  contacts, videos, audio files, not only these but it also helps you to in recovering your WhatsApp Messages and much more.

  • Helps you to recover your data in all possible conditions like Accidentally Deleted Data, Broken Screen, Black Screen, Damaged Android Devices, and SD Card Data Recovery.

  • You can easily moderate and select your files which you want to recover.

  • Its an easy to use tool and can be used to recovery data in just 3 simple steps.

  • Supports mostly all the devices, before proceeding you may check if your mobile is supported, you might click here for the above reference.

Getting Started With Wondershare Dr.Fone For Android

Before starting with the recovering process i would like to ask you guys to turn on debugging mode ON on your android phone.

  • At First, you will need to connect your android device to your PC and wait untill the software detects your android phone. If it doesn’t automatically detects your phone and if your phone is listed on the supported devices then you may contact Wondershare’s sales support.

  • Once your device is detected by the software, now you may click proceed. Now a new window will come up asking you to select the data which you want recover. You may select the important files only because recovering process may take much time if you select many files at once.

  • Now, After completing the above steps you may click on start button.

  • Once, you have clicked the START button it would take around 3-4 hours for completing your recovery process and while recovering process you wouldn’t able to use your phone.

  • After the recovering process complete’s you may need to restart your device once and boom you’re done with everything and will be able to see your data recovered in your phone.


Thus, Wondershare Dr Fone For Android can be used to recover your data in any condition and even supports many devices plus you can recover all the data and its type. You may check out the software on Wondershare’s official website and proceed to buy the software here. But before buying you can get trial on their official website.