If you haven’t already heard about it, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a type of technology that allows you to make phone calls over internet broadband connection. There are services which allows you to call to anyone who is  having the same service but also there are ones which allow you to call anyone with a cell phone number.  Previously there were services which use to only work on your computer or if you have a VoIP phone. But now with mobile apps like Viber, WhatsApp or Skype it has become convenient for the users as it only uses your monthly data package.

VoIP services have now become popular among users with the growth of mobile app development. In market we can see brands like samsung and apple bringing out their VoIP enabled smartphones with pre downloaded apps in them. However there are issues as mobile apps are still struggling to provide maximum voice clarity. Only few services like skype provide maximum end to end conversation which have good voice quality. We have companies which provide dial up phones enabled with VoIP services which allows the user to call anyone having a cell or dial up phone.

What Exactly Is VoIP Service?

With VoIP enabled dial up phones in the market people often tends to get confused. Questions like how to setup the connection, what kind of broadband services I require and other issues like call charges are common among users. This is how VoIP services work and the pros and cons that comes with it.

VoIP technology works by converting your voice into digitals signals which then are transmitted over Internet and reaches to the caller on the other end. Signal is first converted to regular telephone signal if the call is placed to a person having a cell phone or a dial up number. VoIP service allows you to directly place a call over the computer or with a special VoIP phone. A wireless internet connection or a broadband is required to setup a VoIP service at your place. If you are using a computer it will need a software to run VoIP and a microphone.

Special VoIP phones can be connected directly to the broadband connection and functions like any other telephone. There are some VoIP phones in the market which comes with special features that are not there in a regular telephone. And you may also be able to save some money on them as then you will not pay for both a broadband connection and telephone line.

VoIP services works like any other telephone service and with special VoIP phones you don’t have to  even carry your adapter always with yourself. As far as the call charges are concerned VoIP services only use your regular internet data package. So it doesn’t matter how long or how short is the duration of your call is, you don’t have to worry about your raising phone bill.

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