It is known that there is more history in Rajasthan than the rest of India put together. Known as the Land of the Kings, a fabulous territory of maharajas and their marvelous forts and extravagant palaces. India is scattered with beautiful, damaged rampart, but nowhere will you find fortresses quite as impressive as those here, rising up ostentatiously from the desert scenery like fairy-tale fantasies of a bygone era.

Witness Some Of The Best Wedding Destinations In Rajasthan

As charming as they are, though, there is more to this royal of regions than its apparently timeless architectural bewilderment. This is also a land of jungle and sand dunes, of wild tigers and camel trains, of glitzy jewels, vigorous culture and bright colours. There are many festivals here to fill a calendar, and the shopping and cuisine are nothing short of wondrous. You just need to book yourself a Rajasthan tour package and head out for an bewilderment. In reality, Rajasthan just about has it all. It is the must-see state of this must-see country, filled with astonishing, thought-provoking and, basically, extraordinary attractions. It is a well known fact that imaginative weddings do come true in Rajasthan. With its dazzling regal palaces and romantic gardens, this ceremonious desert state is the perfect place for a union which is both enchanting and entrenched in Indian traditions. Here are two perfect venues that will always equal a royal and regal Wedding destination:

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

A majestic hotel, set gracefully amidst a lake, the Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur looks like a dream and gives nothing less than achieving your ultimate wedding phantoms. Royal valets, precariously acclaimed chefs and the hospitality backed by the name of the esteemed Taj brand is just the starting of what the palace hotel has to offer to the couple to tie the knot. Their Lily Pond contribute for an intimate congregation spot as the pond filled with glorious lilies is lit up with buoyant candles. For a larger gathering, the Mewar Terrace offers not only remarkable views of the city of Jaipur, but also a never-ending procession of an exquisite Rajasthani dishes—ideal for a royal Rajasthani wedding.

Devi Garh, Udaipur

Udaipur, The city of lakes and palaces is the bucolic wedding destination. The city reflects years of tradition and erotic love. No other place echoes this more than the gorgeous Devi Garh situated deep in the Aravalli Hills. This 18th century palace hotel is recognised for presenting some of India’s most lavish weddings. Devi Garh offers multiple astonishing locations for tying the knot starting from the Janana courtyard, where bonfire will keep guests toasty in the evening air, to the Restaurant Deck, perfect for a sunset wedding with its landscape view of the Aravalli Hills. The poolside is also ideal for conducting performances and sit-down dinners and can shelter up to 250 guests. From regional wedding priests performing the rites under a fancy canopy admired with flowers to providing precise pamphlets with details of the event and vows engrossed, Devi takes care of everything. Completing the function in celebration of the couple, the evening ends in a spectacular display of fireworks and a tempting dinner.