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Wired vs. Wireless: Which Internet Connection Is Best?

The office internet is a basic necessity from which industries base their day-to-day operations on. Wired ethernet networks and wireless networks are used to perform daily communication including e-mail, chats, and videocalls. As such, the debate on which internet connection is the best for office use ensues: Are companies better off with wired network connection or is wireless internet connection a more appropriate choice for working more effectively? Although most businesses have spent years using the traditional wired technology for connecting to the internet, recent times and the rise in the sales of laptop computers and other handheld devices and smart phones have also pushed for the use of wireless technology both at home and at the work place. Let’s look at the two options and weigh out the pros and cons of each:

Wired Internet Connection


– Wired internet connection can be difficult to install because it has to be connected to each computer from one central gear. It may take time to install the cables under various walls and floors. Wired LANS also need to use central tools including hubs, switches, or routers to be able to provide connection to more computers.

– Another drawback of a wired internet connection is when the cables are loose, which can, in turn, cause interruptions and failure in internet connection. Always check the wired LAN to ensure that it is not defective and make sure that internet connection is smooth and uninterrupted.

– Although wired LANS provide excellent internet bandwidth performance, it can slow down if too many computers are using it.

– Unfortunately, wired Ethernet hubs and switches do not support firewalls. As a solution, users may install firewall software instead.

– Wired internet connection also doesn’t allow people to move around as freely as they want because the wire’s reach may limit their working space to a certain area.


– Wired internet connection makes use of Ethernet cables, hubs and switches that are very affordable, and software packages built for sharing internet connections such as ICS are free, while there are also some that costs a minimum fee.

– Ethernet hubs, cables and switches are highly dependable because Ethernet technology has been continuously been improved in the last few decades.

– Wired LANs also have the advantage of providing excellent bandwidth performance, which can enable users to share files, play online games, watch and listen to videos, and schedule video conferencing.

– Wired network also has the advantage of having more security because it can be protected so that signals will not be read as opposed to wireless network which has the tendency to send the data it acquires to different routes before finding the right destination.

Wireless Internet Connection


– As with installing wired internet connection, installing wireless internet connection may also be affected by walls in decreasing its range of internet connectivity.

– Having wireless internet is also more expensive than having wired LAN internet connection because wireless gadgets and access points cost three to four times the price of Ethernet cable adapters as well as the switches and hubs.

– The internet connection speed of wireless internet connection can be slower as opposed to internet connection using the LAN modem.

– Wireless internet connection may also be interrupted by using other appliances such as cordless telephones, microwave ovens and many other electronic appliances because the wireless networking products are still relatively new and has not yet achieved a more reliable and faster connection. The performance of the internet using wireless connection may also be affected according to the distance from its access point or distance from the communication endpoint. Finally, the performance of your wireless internet connection may also be decreased if there are too may wireless devices using the connection.

– A common problem with wireless network is that it can be accessed by anyone knowledgeable even if it has encryption. Wireless networks allow access to anyone including those who are in a different room. Those who want secure browsing of sites may want to protect their connection, as wireless security is less secure as opposed to wired network connection. To protect your internet connection, use Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption to increase the security and safety as your internet connection at home.


– The advantage of Wireless internet connection over regular internet connection is the fact that users m ay enjoy greater mobility and can go from one place to another while still working. Guests at your home may use their mobile phones and gadgets to connect to the internet through the wireless device. However mobility of the user is still limited due to the fact that they need to charge their laptops eventually and find a place where there is an outlet for power.

– Another benefit of wireless internet is enabling employees to go to meetings or conduct several activities across the office. Employees may go from one meeting to another without losing their internet connection and they can access important files online while having a meeting.

– A wireless internet connection also facilitates access of information in certain areas where connecting LAN cables may be difficult. Areas where this may be helpful include warehouses where an employee may check and manage inventory of their products and services, as well as submit inventory figures when needed.

– Another advantage of having wireless internet network over wired LAN is that secure wireless network is provided to other people such as business partners, customers and guests. Industries that may benefit from this include restaurants, retail merchants, hotels, and other industries that cater to the public.

– It is also beneficial for a company that uses wireless internet connection to expand easily, conveniently and save money at the same time by allotting less space for desktop computers, and making it easier to move desks. It will also be easier to add employees to the network without having to look for connecting cables and wires.

After reading all the advantages and disadvantages of wired ethernet networks vs. wireless networks, it is up for you to decide which feature you deem as most important from which you can base your decision to choose. Is mobility important for you or can you do work by just staying put in one place all day? You also have to check the different broadband internet packages and find out which one can meet your budget, speed, security and reliability requirements.

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