Originated from tropical America and popularly available around the world, the capsicum known by different names in places is one best vitamin packed vegetable. These available for us in different colors namely red, yell and green, this vegetable having different names around the world such as paprika, chillies, capsicum, cayenne, bird pepper, African chillies and bell peppers. There’s plenty of health benefits we get by eating the capsicum, its best suggested food from the doctors and always preferable by many educated persons. It is an excellent source vitamin a and carotenoids, such as beta-Cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and lutein. There other health benefits provided by the capsicum like low fat and less calories. Let us now see few more benefits come from eating the capsicum.

Anti-oxidant Properties

We know, there are many free radicals present in our body which can cause cellular damage and leads to damage blood vessels and nerve system. Capsicum is a rich source anti-oxidant particles, vitamin c and a, both are powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants keep the cellular health in a better state and fights against the free radicals. Capsicum can supply the beneficial anti-oxidants properties which help in repairing or healing the tissue proteins. It also helps to prevent heart diseases, cataract and asthma kind sicknesses.

Prevention for Cancer

The anti-tumor properties in the capsicum are more helpful for us in preventing the cancer, over years of study it is revealed that capsicum can help us to prevent cancers, sometimes it can cure the damaged cells. It stops the cancer cells and makes them to starve, finally kills them. The anti oxidative properties found in the capsicum will help to treat the other kinds of cancers pulmonary, hepatic and gastric types of cancers. The cancers particles can stop by the preventing the carcinogens from binding with DNA, which is easily done by organs on the regular consumption of capsicum.

Improves Immune System

The vitamin c plays vital role in improving the immune system, when we have a strong immune system our body won’t become a vulnerable one to bacteria, fungus and certain kind of sicknesses. The capsicum is kind of one of the rich vitamin c container. On the regular basis of consuming the capsicum, your immune system will boost up and you can fight the bacteria easily. Vitamin a from the capsicum helps to keep our skin free from pimples and rashes, it is also a good beneficial for eyes.