Capsules of pramiracetam   belong to the family of racetam. It is a nootropic available in the market. The form is indeed a powerful nootropic and has proved its metal in the genre of cognitive enhancers. The users have all given excellent feedbacks.

Pramiracetam capsules are very good option for those who wish to achieve the following results:-

  • Enhanced memory
  • Better intellectual power
  • Ability to learn
  • Skills of logical reasoning
  • Better energy levels
  • Increase the levels of concentration
  • Better focus to learn new things

Pramiracetam is the nootropic that triggers the production of acetylcholine, which impacts the fursthre working procedure in brain system. This simply reflects that it helps in breaking the barriers created in the blood stream.

When the blood brain barrier is broken, rich and oxygenated blood gets transferred to the brain for better mental functioning. It is the barricades created by blockage in the blood vessels, which works as a hindrance in the overall growth of an individual. If you are a student and find it real tough to memorize the typical and confusing formulas, then this is the supplement you must take to achieve what you want.


There are several benefits that you get to derive when you start to consume pramiracetam. Some are mentioned below:-

  • Better focus
  • Enhanced learning capacity
  • Better technical thinking
  • New thoughts get unblocked
  • Better cognition and ability to perceive
  • Better long-term memory
  • Enhanced short-term memory

It is very good to trigger the functioning of GABA which eventually triggers dopamine to work faster and better. GABA is the neurotransmitter that is very good to keep the blood flow proper and helps in the transportation off oxygen rich blood to various parts of the body, especially brain.


It is indeed a very expensive nootropic when compared to others. This is primarily because of the several benefits that you get to derive through its consumption. Since the prices are high, what you may do best is, add it up to your stack. When blended with other versions of nootropics, the results will be prominent. Through a move like this, you will be able to buy the supplement, and derive the benefits too.

Try to keep the dose levels lower if you are combining pramiracetam with other version, as compared to what you would be taking when consuming pramiracetam alone. The supplement is very powerful and its benefits should not be ignored, so beware while consuming.


The ideal dose is 300mg-600mg in a day. This needs to be divided into equal parts to be consumed at predefined intervals for achieving the desired results. If you are a beginner then it is best to start consuming is at the lowest dose possible.

Best is to mix it with water or any fruit juice. The taste is very unpleasant that is why best is to dilute it with some liquid.

The supplement is full of benefits. Consume it in the right way to achieve the desired results.