Why Is Law Important?

Law is important for every society almost all over the world. Now in the 21st century with so many categories and branches of law existing, the implementation of it is considered a social norm admittedly accepted by all the citizens striving within a society. It makes existing peacefully a lot easier by providing people with basic guidelines, rules and regulations that help people make vital decisions. These are the decisions that are made on a more personal level but influence the community altogether which is why they have to be considered carefully.

Just like the engine keeps a car running smoothly, the implementation of law keeps a community run in a similar manner. Without the presence of certain laws, the chances of complete havoc within a community are far greater. This is why government forces ensure that these are made vivid to the citizens to ensure harmony at all times and amongst people belonging to all sorts of backgrounds.

What Are Laws Based on?

Laws are based on many things mostly influenced by circumstances of the past. A few examples of such circumstances are:

  • Not stopping at a stop sign
  • Drunk driving
  • Breaking a traffic signal
  • Shoplifting

Though these arerelatively small scaled crimes, law also sets guidelines for more serious crimes such as:

  • Employment
  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Immigrationet cetera.

Everyone all over the world understands and knows the importance of law to be able to coexist peacefully within a society. It is the law that does the following:

  • Uphold peace and most importantly for the society to
  • Maintain order in a society in order to
  • Remain free of all problems.

Laws are often different from state to state and this is based on the kind of people that are residing within a society. Though several guidelines remain the same in majority parts of the world, some are tweaked by the government to cater to specific issues found within a particular community.

Law is required to ensure criminals meet their punishment after they commit a crime and that victims are given their rights. It becomes very difficult for people who are given authority to maintain a society without the proper implementation of laws. Law enforces are given the authority to ensure people understand the nature of the law that is enforced on them. This is the only way that the basic rights of a person can be protected against all odds. Law allows people to make decisions based on principles.This is the only way matters of employment, rape, intrusioncan be dealt with effectively.

This is the reason why governments all over the world ensure strict enforcement of laws. Without the proper reinforcement of these laws the criminals are either sent to jail or are required to invest a few hours of community service before they can be let off the hook. However, all of this is greatly dependent on the serious nature of the crime that was committed. So, it is very important that appropriate laws are made to curb these crimes.

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