Most everyone has taken an online course, if only as a way to pass the time. It is much more convenient than going to the community center because you decide when and where to take it. You could be having a Botox session and learning how to create an online course! Some apps can help you do that.

eLearning Brothers Templates

It is always easiest to use templates when you are creating an online course, because it takes a lot of the legwork out of the way. This is especially true if this is your first time making an online course, but it is still a great timesaver even if it is your 50th online course. You can concentrate on developing the content rather than worrying about the structure. You can choose to pay for one, but there are also free templates available.

Udutu Course Authoring Tool

If you need help in organizing your thoughts, this tool can assist you in making your course outline. This mobile-friendly app works much like any computer directory, where you can create folders within folders. You can choose among various types of screens for the content, and even add an assessment screen to test if your course takers understood the course.


While content creation is the fun part in an online course, it is not as easy as you might imagine. Not everyone has the knack for passing on knowledge effectively. In fact, the best experts in any given field usually make the worst teachers because they “jump.” They presume you know or understand things you don’t, just like presuming everyone understands the word “duh.” This tool can guide you on how to make your material learner-friendly.

Creating an online course is a nice way to pass on what you know to other people, and it costs next to nothing aside from your time. If you do it well, it may even become a new career. Try it out and see with what you come up.