When faced with the need to protect your more valuable belongings, the most obvious step may be to use the safe deposit box in a bank. After all, banks have numerous security measures in place.

The problem is that these boxes are located in the bank, which means that you may face a number of problems; consider that:

  • Your valuables may be unavailable when you need them.
  • Items that you place in a safe deposit box are not usually insured.
  • You will only have access to your belongings during the hours that the bank is open.

While most safe deposit boxes are perfectly safe and do offer that extra layer of professional security that many want, you may prefer to have some items at home where they are under your control and available when you need them. Of course, if you are going to keep valuable items in your home, you will need a way to protect them. Desk drawers and filing cabinets are not the best ways to keep precious possessions safe. Custom safes for your home may be the best way to ensure that your goods are protected from a number of threats including:


  • Burglary

    Burglars typically do not spend a lot of time trying to crack safes, they are usually more interested in things that they can grab and take away quickly. Home safes are difficult to carry and therefore may discourage a burglar from running off with your possessions. Some safes may also be bolted to the floor, making them even more difficult for a thief to haul away.

    You are more likely to be a victim of theft if you:

    • Are frequently away from home.
    • Own items that will be difficult or impossible to replace.
    • Like to keep cash, jewelry or precious metals on hand.
    • Live in an area where home break-ins are common.
    • Often have workers or guests in your home.
  • Fire

    Fire-resistant safes may be helpful for protecting your valuables from one of the most common dangers. These home safes are rated based on their ability to keep their internal temperature low enough that contents are not damaged. You will want a safe that can provide at least 30 minutes of protection from fire. Keep in mind that the average house fire consumes all available fuel in less time than that, so that 30 minutes of protection should be sufficient to keep your possessions from being burned.

  • Water

    The ability to withstand water is important even if you do not live in an area that is prone to floods. Your home may flood because of a broken pipe or because of efforts to put out a fire. You should ensure that your safe is rated for water resistance in addition to being burglary and fire-resistant.

In an era where crime is rampant, it makes sense to consider ways of protecting your assets. Consider the fact that items stored in home safes may be covered under a renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy. You should look at your home safe as an investment; you get to save the money it would take to replace your valuables and you get peace of mind as well.