Modern ceilings have been immensely popular among homeowners to decorate their rooms since time immemorial. However, decorative Ceilings have come back to limelight after remaining in oblivion for years. Rooms of all the truly magnificent modern homes feature vaulted ceilings which were once an indispensable part of ancient cathedrals, churches, and castles. These ceilings spawn across the entire room and thus add unmatched warmth and beauty to the room, also making it look bigger and spacious.

White Walls and Wooden Beams Ceiling

White walls will perfectly compliment any vaulted ceiling made of wooden beams. The addition of a simple white sofa matching the colors of the wall and the ceiling imparts a modern look and warmth to this room. It is also important to keep the rooms with vaulted ceiling simple as in the case of this room. The vaulted ceiling should make your room classy and elegant, as anything fancy can simply spoil the ambiance.

6 Fantastic Tips To Decorate Your Room With Vaulted Ceilings

by Sophie Metz Design

Wooden Beams Vaulted Ceilings with Colored Walls

This is not an actual wooden beam vaulted ceiling. It is more of a combination of concrete and wooden vaulted ceilings. The dark gray color makes a scintillating contrast with ceiling and rest of the room, making it more captivating for the eyes. The extra bright color also has a downside to it. It always pops out every time you look at the wall. Therefore, you should give a careful thought before painting your walls bright, as it may be too much contrast.

6 Fantastic Tips To Decorate Your Room With Vaulted Ceilings

by Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc

Vaulted Ceilings in Attics

Attics are usually smaller in size as compared to other rooms in your house. However, the addition of a vaulted ceiling to your attic will give you much needed extra space. But there are plenty of décor ideas that can be implemented to make it look cozy and relatively spacious. You can make this room appear bigger and spacious by using a right color combination. Small furniture frames and lightly painted walls make this room appear larger than it is. It is also a good idea to hang light fixtures to the vaulted ceiling in the attic. However, you should hang them in the area which does not receive much traffic. This will prevent you and other members of your family from bumping into those light fixtures.

6 Fantastic Tips To Decorate Your Room With Vaulted Ceilings

by The Landschute Group

Vaulted Ceilings and Wallpapers

One of the best, easiest and cost effective methods to decorate rooms with vaulted ceilings is to use wallpapers and different board patterns. Use paint colors and wallpapers which complement each other nicely. You can also experiment with other color combinations such as mix and match to adorn vaulted ceiling rooms. If your walls have floral wallpapers, you can get an ascending angle and a dramatic contrast simply by adding contemporary plaids. This arrangement will give you a rectangular frame. Here, you can create a “window of sky” by applying textured sponge wallpaper to the walls.

6 Fantastic Tips To Decorate Your Room With Vaulted Ceilings

by Perry Signature Homes Inc.

Vaulted Ceilings with Crown Moldings

It is also a superb idea to add crown moldings to the vaulted ceilings. You can accomplish this task by adding a crown ceiling under the vaulted ceiling as in the case of this room. This method will create an impression of a smaller ceiling. Following the slope of vaulted ceiling is another method to add crown moldings to such ceilings. You can also add drop ceilings to the rooms with vaulted ceilings. The slope of the ceiling can also accommodate a sleeping alcove. This arrangement not only gives some you additional space but will make your room appear bigger and capacious.

6 Fantastic Tips To Decorate Your Room With Vaulted Ceilings

by Spinnaker Development

Vaulted ceilings are an ancient type of architecture. However, they are still very popular among homeowners across the globe. They still have the ability to bring best out of your home décor and fascinate the people in the most unexpected manner possible. It is pertinent to note that decorating your room with vaulted ceiling is a hard nut to crack without any doubt. It is not the same as installing regular ceilings to your room. Therefore, you need to do some careful planning and consult with specialists before actually committing to installing vaulted ceilings.