Weather Lab’s team of meteorologists cater to both consumer users and commercial users with the most genuine information and modelling systems to deliver an array of weather forecasting products.

Weather Lab on a daily basis make a written and graphical short range weather forecasts for the next three days and they take into consideration the 13 regions of United Kingdom and Ireland. Upon completion of short range weather forecasts, a medium range weather report along with a commentary is assembled. This medium range report gives a summary for weather forecasts for the next 10 days.


They have recently introduced the long range forecasts that give a detailed breakdown of the anticipated weather in coming one month. Even though the report gives in-depth information, major weather events like massive rainfall or strong winds are mentioned with likelihoods of their happenings at national or regional ranges. Forecasts based on numerical weather calculated the level of confidence in these likelihoods. Therefore the customers can avail model output and assemble the required data upon request.

All of the above said forecast services can include alerts of tough weather; this means that the client receive an advance warning of harsh climate and dangerous situations at postcode level. Apart from the packages discussed above, there are other products which are inclusive of site predictions and deployment. This helps the consultancy to take decisions in minimal situations.  On the other hand, there are page ready products that give the clients online information.

Below are few weather forecasting products. The features of these products have been explained in brief.

  1. Short Range Forecasting 
  • Frequent updates are given during the day and they ensure that the most recent weather information is made available to the clients for their particular region.
  • Information is sent through email, secure file transfer or complied with the websites with the aid of JSON or XML
  • These reports are given in graphical or written format which details the weather conditions for the next 72 hours.
  • These reports are generated every 3 hours or every 6 hours depending on the clients requirement and they are sent along with commentary which elaborates the confidence levels of any alternate results
  • An exclusive team of meteorologists are made available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They can be contacted through email or on phone or via video conference applications in Android or Apple phones.

  1. Medium Range Forecasts 
  • These reports are also formatted graphically or are hand written and are sent via email, secure file transfer or through websites
  • They are generated every 240 hours along with the special commentary

  1. Long Range Weather Outlook 
  • This type of weather forecasts are confined to regional and national level only
  • They are generated for 30 days and give details such as high and low average temperatures, weekly rainfalls. They do not give miniscule information such as cloudy weather or bright sunshine.
  • They too are represented graphically or hand written using raw and integrated output from a range of computer systems

  1. Severe Weather Advisories 
  • These tips are sent when there are chances of weather conditions turning dangerous, interrupting travel plans or endanger safety of people on site. Weather Lab tips you regarding substantial rainfalls, sturdy winds, thick fog or extensive snowfalls.
  • These reports are issued region wise and give a brief regarding the predicted time the harsh weather would last. It also has a risk indicator which tells the clients the chances of the weather conditions occurrence.

Apart from these, there are also other weather forecasting products like numerical weather prediction, site forecasting and deployment, weather intelligence applications etc.

All of these are made available by Weather Lab because of the huge weather database held by them.

The writer is an employee in a weather forecasting firm. He is a nature lover and in his free time spends time in nature friendly places and loves to cook as well.