Lawyers are people that other go to when they need legal guidance. With their understanding and comprehension of the law, a lawyer will help guide you to the best of his or her abilities. Lawyers have a specific service that they provide society with, their jobs giving people their rights and keeping the law intact. They have to fight for people who hire them and get them exactly what they want through logic, intellect and forceful argument.

Traditionally, there are two branches of lawyers, solicitors and barristers. However, over the years, the legal landscape has become more complicated with the introduction of paralegals, legal executives, apprentices and many more. This makes the entire profession broadly expanded and spread out so that it is easy for clients to go to the law firms and get the exact service they need.


Usually, solicitors provide their clients with the advice and their assistance on the matters of law. They are the first people that companies and clients contact when they are looking for legal guidance. Charities and small businesses ask for their help when drafting contracts so that they get the best service and assistance when it comes to legal issues. Solicitors are available everywhere and are familiar with a variety of law areas but their job remains the same.

  • Meeting clients to find out what they need

  • Researching various areas of law to figure out the best course of action

  • Speaking and acting on behalf of the clients

Becoming a solicitor, however, is a difficult job. It requires years of dedication and hard work, climbing up the ladder to get to this position. Their knowledge and experience is vast so their advice is sought after by many lawyers and law firms for their counsel.


Barristers, like solicitors, work in a verity of legal areas. They receive their information and research through solicitors and are generally self employed. When they are not in court, they are preparing arguments in their chambers and building cases for their clients. The main services of a barrister are simple, just like a solicitor, even though their knowledge is wide.

  • Advising their clients about the legalities and strength of their cases

  • Holding conferences with their clients to discuss their cases

  • Representing clients in court, examining witnesses and forming arguments

  • Negotiation settlements once the case is over and done with.

Even when they are called to BAR, a barrister will remain a ‘junior’ until he or she is promoted to QC (Queen’s Counsel). A QC is a barrister with a vast range of legal knowledge and outstanding ability to fight court battles.

The types of laws are so vast that it requires many different professions to solve them. From a banking lawyer looking into the case of an unpaid loan to a criminal lawyer defending the criminal, the branches of law are extensive. As such, barristers, solicitors, paralegals and apprentices all have a specific job, related to law, that they have to perform.

Kirstin Finley is a paralegal who has worked for prestigious law firms. She suggests helpful websites like, so that aspiring lawyers can get the assistance they require.