Nothing can compare to the importance of the presence of a financial advisor in any earning individual’s life. Right from an ordinary to a multimillionaire business owner, everyone needs a financial advisor to manage their finances. Irrespective of what financial status you are in, the fact is that you earn that money after a lot of hard work, and therefore it becomes essential to be able to manage it well.

Managing finances means being able to use enough for the present at the same time saving enough for the future. Just to secure the future, most people prefer making investments of some form that will particularly help them during the dusk years of their life, i.e. the stage of retirement. Now, there are varying legislation and facets of investments, some of which are rather risky. It is only the experts who are well aware of the subject and know what is best for an individual, after knowing the concerned person’s requirements.

The Role Of A Financial Advisor In Your Life

Angelo Talebi is an ace financial advisor who holds the dual license of an investment advisor and a broker. He also holds an experience of more than 24 years and owns a company in Beverly Hills as well.  It is the experience of a financial advisor that is most important to consider while hiring one, because it is only when he understands the subject well that he will be able to take care of your financial condition.

There are several types of financial advisors available in the market, all you have to do is know your requirements and then hire the one that is most suitable for you. The CPA or Certified Public Accountant is a quite common type and is the oldest financial credential in America. This designation is strictly confined to accounting and nothing else. They are the ones who help prepare your taxes, help you in organizing your investments and planning in estate investment.

The other type is the CFP or certified financial planner, Angelo Talebi has this certificate as well. In fact, he is also involved with the Iranian/ American Educational Program which aims at making a larger mass of people aware of the changing financial trends of present times. Any CFP has a real world experience which is why it is easier to trust these people with your financial problems. They have knowledge on estate, insurance, retirement planning, and other forms of investments. A genuine CFP should be able to answer any kind of query you may have about your finances.

The EA or Enrolled Agent is another such advisor of finance, who is absolutely apt for the preparation of tax and other related issues. They study tax on all levels, personal, corporate as well as estate. In fact, they could be more sought after because of their less fess in comparison to the CPAs.

There is also the CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst, CLU or Chartered Life Underwriter, ChFC or Chartered Financial Consultant and the CEBS or Certified Employee Benefit Specialist. So, whatever is the condition of your finances you just need to identify your requirement and hire the appropriate financial advisor.