The nature of a space, it’s utility and the personality of the inhabitant should be the inspiration behind its interior design. To juggle all these aspects while maintaining the aesthetic charm of a space can be a hard task specially when the material choices are limited like wood or marble. A good substitute to these traditional materials is glass; with advancements in technology, several types of glass are strongly emerging as the perfect interior decor material for any space. Aside from being versatile they also come in a range of designs, colors and types to choose from.

Interiors studded with creatively set glass windows or entryways have their own allure and charm. Also, these arrangements can be altered for a really special stylistic layout suited for the occupants.  This cutting edge and contemporary option has progressed toward becoming it the leading material choice for architects all around.

Here are some of the glass solutions which suit modern interiors perfectly:

Frosted Glass

frosted glass

A perfect balance of privacy with aesthetics, frosted glass is an ideal addition to any space. Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting a clear sheet of glass, which makes it a perfect choice for someone who’s looking for a bit of privacy.. Frosted glass doors work amazingly well for bathrooms, senior management cabins and conference rooms.

Energy Efficient Glass

energy efficient glass

Modern technology and innovations in the field of architecture has produced glass that acts as a natural heat barrier for your interiors. Energy efficient glass solutions like AIS Ecosense reflect the sun’s heat hence keeping your interiors cooler during summertime. However, during winters, it similarly prevents the loss of heat from interiors by retaining the warmth indoors. An added benefit– it lowers your energy bills too!

Acoustic Glass

acoustic glass

With ever increasing sound levels due to traffic and other local noises constantly flowing in, there is a huge need for acoustic glass.  Acoustic glass cancels the noise to retain peaceful interiors. With noise canceling windows one can easily enjoy the tranquil environment of their home. These windows can practically reduce noise to up to 50 % and are a must have for people living in bustling cities.

Lacquered glass


The perfect addition to any decor, lacquered glass is available in a spectrum of colors and customizations. Covering one side of the clear glass in lacquer polish creates this solid and tough décor solution. Hence, adding to its quality and making it visually appealing. Ideal for cupboard doors, kitchen retires and table tops, this glass arrangement can be used for any space. Also, its low-maintenance and strength make it a leading solution for anybody looking to add a touch of color to their space with any hassles!