Pizza is part of the great Italian history. This art is being improved on daily. Naples and the Campania region pizzerias are promoting this art and making it a worldwide tradition. Bel Paese is also developing the art of pizza. More and quality ingredients and techniques are being used to make the pizza more tasty and attractive.

Embracing The Great Italian Pizza Tradition

The Evolution

The traditional pizzas have existed in Naples for more than a century. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, only six places in Milan specialized in pizza making. There were also some pizzerias in the Lombardy capital. The pizza business became a boom with the increase of the immigrants from Southern Italy. The number of pizza lovers grew as the great taste for food of the immigrants.

Over time, pizza dominated both the South and the Northern parts of Italy. It soon became a tradition of Italians. Different ways to make the pizza dough and baking styles developed to become the great pizza heritage of the Italians. The varieties included traditional Neapolitan pizza, Roman focaccia, cheese pizza in Le Marche, Pugliese focaccia and many other types and flavors.

The pizza tradition went international with fast food chains developing in Asia, Australia, and the USA. Quality pizzas are only those made with the original ingredients from Italy, or by the Italians. Pizza is divided into categories, the traditional Neapolitan pizza or the gourmet. Angelo has helped promote this tradition.

Angelo Pizza, Bar and Tapas Restaurant

Angelo Pizza, Bar and Tapas restaurant is one of the best Italian pizza serving places in South Florida. Chef Angelo owns it. His restaurant is the best Italian restaurants in South Florida. His Italian techniques have enabled him to create this restaurant and provide menus that make you feel like you are in Italy. The place is welcoming having the best quality ingredients to give you tasty pizzas, accompanied with finest red or white wine of your choice. The place also offers tapas and Panini. Angelo is an award winning acclaimed culinary maestro, Best of Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator and Golden Spoon Award for the past ten consecutive years, by the Florida Trend Magazine. Angelo just recently received four stars from the food critic M.L. Warren. Mrs. Angelo ensures you feel at home while at the restaurant. She has excellent servings and dining skills, to make your stay and parties more than the perfect.

Rickie, Angelo’s worker, was raised in Italy. He grew up observing her mother cook Italian meals and dishes. He went to the best culinary school in Italy, taught by the bets Italian chefs. He has worked with Angelo for ten years, and they together opened the Angelo Elia’s Pizza, Tapas & Wine Bar. He lectures culinary lessons at the Jean-Pierre Cooking School.

Italian Restaurant Fort Lauderdale :

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