Since the dawn of time, mankind has been looking for ways to do things better and faster than ever before. Ever since the inception of the wheel, human beings have been designing and creating innovations that are making our lives easier and more comfortable. Automation systems may have had the greatest impact on them all.

Automation systems do more than take on risky or mundane tasks which human beings may be ill-equipped to handle. They are reliable, are able to continually create a high-quality product, and many even provide its users with product analysis and reporting. When it comes to automation systems, those listed below are making big waves in this industry.

The 21st Century Pioneers Of Automation Systems

Product/Company: Jarvis

Creator/Manager: Chirag Dewan and Himanshu Vaishnav

Claim to Fame: Transferring automation systems from being reactive to pro-active

Move over, Siri, Jarvis (a creation which was inspired by the Iron Man comic book series) is coming to a store near you in the near future. Unlike Siri, which simply provides you with information, the intuitive Jarvis created by Dewan and his crew has a complete understanding of its users. It knows exactly:

  • What an individual likes
  • What an individual fears
  • What an individual’s favourite food is
  • What an individual is allergic to

The list goes on and on. Jarvis is a collaborative tool, which will turn out to be a better sidekick than Iron Man’s assistant is.

Product/Company: Factory Automation Systems

Creator/Manager: Jim Pursley

Claim to Fame: Empowering innovation

Factory Automation Systems (FAS) has been setting the standard in plant automation since 1992. Not only are they pros at making more products quickly, but their solutions improve the quality, reduce labour costs, and increase the flexibility of any given manufacturer. The innovative solutions provided by the systems created by FAS are able to collect every little detail and piece of data from the factory floor so that businesses can maximize their manufacturing efficiency.

Product/Company: Insteon

Creator/Manager: Joe Dada

Claim to Fame: Having a home automation system that works on any device – even Apple Watch

In order to have people adopt your technology, it must be easy to use. Enter Insteon. This unique home automation system works with dual mesh networking, meaning that it can control nearly anything, anytime and from anywhere. Almost every device can use it (such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer), and it can control a number of items including:

  • Light bulbs
  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Water faucets

It has never been easier to ensure that your home stays safe and sound than with Insteon.

Product/Company: TE Connectivity

Creator/Manager: Rob Shaddock

Claim to Fame: Connectors no longer need to be connected and to create “Smart Factories.”

Imagine a factory that can rely on contactless connections. This means connections that will no longer be hindered by dust, dirt and grime. This means that the vibrations of a machine will no longer impact the strength of a connection or cause that connection to drop.

This means an increase in efficiency and reliability for your business.