When you use square shipping pallets you will want to ensure that they are reliable enough to get your items to their destination safely. The debate between plastic pallets versus wooden pallets is still ongoing. If you are unsure which side of the fence you’re on, then you will want to continue reading.


Safety should Always be a Priority

When you compare wooden pallets to plastic square shipping pallets, you will want to ensure that the type of pallet you choose can get your products safely transported. You should know that plastic weighs a lot less than wood and given their design and smooth finishing, makes it much easier and safer to handle than their wooden counterparts.

This is also good news for your workers in the warehouse area as they will not be exposed to potential back problems when lifting plastic pallets. The company can then save a lot more money on worker compensation and insurance. Not only that, plastic pallets are not prone to having nails sticking out of them nor can they have any splinters. This greatly reduces the risk of your workers being injured when handling these pallets.

Increased Savings on Storage Space

The greatest thing about square shipping pallets that are made out of plastic is that they can be stacked on top of each other to save on storage and transportation costs. Regardless of the weather conditions outside, it is safe to leave them stacked outside and save you lots on storage space.

You should know that this is not possible with wooden shipping pallets as they can become brittle when exposed under the sun for too long. This means that you will always have to keep them indoors which can increase storage costs.

When using Pallets becomes Easier

Due to the relative light weight of square shipping pallets, it is much easier for your workers to handle them. There’s also the form factor and ease of maneuverability which further adds on to the ease of using these pallets. It is worth noting that plastic shipping pallets are very uniform in size, which means they can are exactly identical to one another.

This makes it very simple to calculate the space that is required to transport or store them. When it comes to wooden pallets, not only are they much heavier than their plastic counterparts, it is also difficult to find different designs for them to suit different needs. You will be happy to learn that there are over 500 different designs for plastic pallets that are suited to just about any function or requirement out there.