“One cannot think well if one has not dined well” Virginia Woolf

Yesterday, when I was surfing the internet this particular quote has captivated all my attention. And, I totally agree to what Virginia Woolf said about the importance of food. In the race of becoming rich and famous we all have forgotten to take care of ourselves. It is due to the reason thousands of people suffer from severe diseases each day in America. To be honest, it is truly an alarming situation that can also make you its victim.

Whether you are a writer, a passionate artist, a successful businessman or a great politician, you always have to be creative.  Creativity plays an integral part for those who like challenges and really want to make a difference through their work. However, staying creative every single time is simply not possible without following a healthy diet plan.

Therefore, I have narrowed down four super healthy foods to boost your creative level for maximum outcomes.

Here you go…

  • Start Your Day With a Cup of Coffee

Now, you might be thinking that what coffee has to do with creativity, right? Well, if you really want to make an impactful presence at office through tremendous performance, be habitual of coffee. It will not only increase your metabolism, but will also recharge you to think creatively.

If you work days and nights to bring a drastic change to your life, then add coffee to your daily diet. I strongly believe that you will be able to maintain an extreme creative level during an entire day.

  • Never Hesitate to Grab Some Dark Chocolate

Oh yes, if you are a big chocolate freak, then I have a great news for you. If you don’t want to lose your temper because of hectic lifestyle, then add dark chocolate to your healthy diet plan.  Dark chocolate will not only help in dealing with anxiety, but will also serve as a significant source of improving immune system.

And I believe that taking a piece of chocolate anywhere is not a daunting task, is it? So, without thinking about what others will say, eat your delicious dark chocolate anytime you want.

  • You Can’t Ignore the Importance of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If buying grocery is in your hands, then I would suggest you to buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Majority of people only know that such food items are good for getting into a perfect shape. But, you would be more than happy to hear that fruits and vegetables are the best sources of staying creative, especially the green ones.

Therefore, from now whenever you go to a grocery shop, get your hands on some fresh fruits and vegetables to energize your brain.

  • Last But Not the Least, Alcohol

Yes, you heard me right. Alcohol can turn out to be an effective stimulant for your brain. But, it doesn’t mean that you should become a frequent drinker. Instead, drinking alcohol moderately can surely unlock the blocked circuits of your brain.

So, what are you waiting for? Add all the above mentioned foods to your daily diet plan and make a difference to your life through creativity.

Author Bio:

Rebecca Johnson is working as a Health Instructor at a gym in New Orleans. She is always very passionate to guide others about healthy diet plans and exercises. Moreover, she remains active on UK Dissertation Help Deal forum online as an academic consultant. Students follow her via social media accounts Facebook | Twitter | Google+