Oral hygiene is not just limited to daily brushing but there are lot of things which you need to take care of. In this post, we would talk about the consequences that you might face if the oral  hygiene is not maintained properly.

1. Preventing Microorganism Growth

Improper oral hygiene can hinder  the health of your gums and teeth. The microorganism like bacteria and fungi can dig down and stay in your teeth and gums and may become the reason of tooth decay and gum issues.

The dentists have found that various gum issues like gum bleeding is often the consequence of improper oral hygiene. It becomes quite difficult to revoke the growth of the microorganism once they are spread all over the mouth surface. This can even lead to more crucial bacterial infections of mouth that are complicated to treat.

2. Maintain The Luster

The color and the shine of your teeth resembles a lot about your well being. Brilliant luster and shine increase your confidence and enhances your facial appearance. It is a known fact that a shiny teeth are responsible for the beautiful smiles. Even when the teeth shape is not perfect, the shine may easily cover up the flaws and still makes your smile prettier.

3. Bad Breathe

Bad breath is something that is noticeable by others on the first hand. You might take it for granted but it may seriously impact  your social relationships with the people. It is a fact that people tend to ignore those who don’t maintain their oral hygiene. Even the perfect relationships are seen to ruined by the bad breathe.

Odour issues can easily be controlled and resolved with the proper treatment options available at the dentist’s clinic.

4. Avoid Potential Dental Problems

Dental issues can take the severe consequences. It can even lead to tongue disease in addition to the gum deterioration. Such conditions can even take away your independence of eating and chewing the meal properly. If left untreated, the diseases may lead to a stage where they cannot be treated anymore. The consequences are permanent tooth loss, gum decay and oral cancel in the worst situation.

What You  Need To Do?

In addition to have an appointment with your dentist, also check out whether you are suffering from any other health problem or not. Sometimes, some health issues directly impact your dental health. Few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Diabetes – Believe it or not, the oral issues may get worse if you are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes disturbs the blood sugar level and hinder the oral healing process. In such cases, you would need to treat your diabetes simultaneously
  1. Respiratory Disorders – Gum diseases are somehow associated with the respiration dysfunction. It has been found that either of them tend to affect the other one. So, your respiration is poor, it might indicate that your oral hygiene require some attention.
  1. Cardiovascular Disorder – Heart diseases can also signal some dental issues. If these are not treated adequately, the cardiovascular processes might get affected.

Finding a good dentist is very important. You must research a lot before choosing the treatment options. Make sure that the dentist is well practiced and experience in his field for years. Clarify the doubts and ask multiple questions to make yourself clear about the concepts, procedures and treatment options. Doing this makes you and your dentist more aware about your dental issues and the best suitable treatment option can thus be provided to you.