The technology is changing from year to years and its reflecting the in the Hollywood movies. After James Cameroon’s Avatar the film industries around the world were started aiming for the big movies with awesome graphics and best stories. 2015 is another most waited year for many film fans and action movie lovers, as it produced most awaited films in the Hollywood. There were many good films released in this year under this category, but very few of them attracted most audiences and satisfied with their awesomeness, others were little disappointed with story lines and lack few punching factors.

FF 7 (Fast and Furious)

We have seen how entertaining all previous fast and furious series, movies, but this time movie had little emotion involved in it. One of best artist passed away, but left few good memories of the film. The story is all about the revenge plan applied by the Shaw on behalf of the Owens. When the people are started live normal life, he creates fuss in the middle. So the Dom starts to think about and finally decides to end the problem. The movie again filled with fantastic car chases and stunning action scenes. You must see the movie to feel the chase.

Avengers-Age of Ultron

The previous part of the movie wasn’t satisfied to many fans worldwide. But this time fans overwhelmed to see the action and fun from the Avengers team. The movies hit box office with huge opening, the story was a little sort of dramatic action scenes. The plot goes as a company creates a technique to control the minds of the humans and manipulate them. But in meanwhile the ironman and hulk find AI within the Gem which was secretly used for personal usage. Later the consequences of that AI go to worse then again team up as the avengers and solves the issue. The screenplay and visual are good and fun is also a plus point for the film

Mad Max: Fury Road

It’s a full length action filled film with thrilling scenes. You definitely feel the heat under your seat, it all begins in remote world where the water supply by a cruel person who uses the beautiful women’s to be got some children for him. But a woman who similarly forcefully taken by them tries to escape the young teens from that remote unhappy world, meanwhile max was captured by some criminals and he escapes from them join the with women to help the teens to escape. The action part film is crazy and you must see this movie.

Jurassic World

We know how much we thrilled to watch dinosaurs on big screens and we felt the fear and awesomeness a long ago time, the franchise came with the new advanced graphics mixup to make us feel more in the Jurassic world. It is same as old story line two kids go to Jurassic park or some kind of Jurassic exhibition, where the corporate people show cases the big birds in cages to make money. In this part a scientific research team builds a new kind genetically modifies beastly dinosaurs, which can think and understand the situations. It almost manages to escape from the park and hunts everything in the path. Then how the story goes to end??? Watch the movie. The movie filled with fantastic refreshing Jurassic world parks and dinosaurs, in 3D you will definitely feel and feat the Dinosaurs in front of you.