Facebook has altered the way businesses function in recent times and opened up countless opportunities particularly for small scale businesses to endorse their products in large markets and thus gain widespread recognition. If you haven’t yet joined the bandwagon, we bring you five worthy reasons to convince you why your business should have some presence on Facebook.

Global markets

The best part about Facebook is that there are no limits; through this platform you can discover markets for your product that you didn’t even know existed. With more than one billion active users from across the world online you give your business the chance of reaching out to international customers.

Fan following

With Facebook you are not only attracting new customers but also those whom you have served in the past. Your former customers are bound to like your page and promote it when it appears on their homepage hence informing their friends about your company. The more likes and comments your page receives the more publicity it creates for your brand. You have the choice to buys likes to increase your page’s popularity too. The opportunities are endless.

Top Five Benefits of Having a Facebook Business Page

Cost-effective marketing

Facebook is the best platform to exhibit your product line and to keep your customers updated on the latest news about our business. Facebook not only promotes your brand worldwide but also does so for hardly any cost. Generally, huge sums of money are invested for mere advertising of the product but in order to advertise your business on Facebook you may have to spend just a fraction of the conventional amount. Facebook guarantees you brand recognition at the best possible costs, saving you the extra effort and investment.


Once you have a Facebook page you are connected to your customers at all times. The customers have the option to ask you product related queries, make complaints or simply propose suggestions to help you make necessary changes for fulfilling their requirements better.


An interesting feature of Facebook business pages is that you are provided with vital information regarding your products popularity among the masses. The Facebook Insights, as it is called presents you with statistical data regarding the number of likes, comments and shares your page receives, the post reach and number of people engaged in your page over time. This data may not be a definite indicator of success but it gives you a clear picture of where your company stands.

There is no denying the many benefits having a Facebook page brings you and an important question is – what have you got to lose by setting up a page? Well the answer is absolutely nothing. So without having any qualms, just grab this opportunity to grant your brand the recognition it deserves.