From a very young age, many women already plan and dream of their wonderful wedding day. They may already start thinking about flower arrangements and color schemes. They could play dress up with friends who have the same dream. This is not an exaggeration, because many girls are simply living in dream. Therefore, we shouldn’t underestimate the whole process of proposing our girlfriend.

We should think of a wonderful romantic way to do this. It is imperative that we are able to come up with perfect way to propose our girlfriend. In fact, it should be both ingenious and mind blowing. The usual routine of spending money for a romantic dinner in fancy restaurant may not cut it anymore. Girls are more impressed and overwhelmed if they know that we have put plenty of thought and effort into it.

Often a sincere and simple proposal can be much more effective than doing something extravagant, but somewhat soulless.

Seven Great Proposal Ideas

However, each person is unique and we should tailor our proposal in a way that suits our girlfriend. Obviously, we shouldn’t take her on a surprise balloon ride if she has vertigo. Here are a number of harmless ways to propose our girlfriends:

1. Have a romantic weekend:

It is a good idea to whisk our girlfriend away to a very romantic location, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be Venice or Paris.

2. Have a meal in favourite place:

It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant. Bringing our own meal to a favourite, secluded place next to a quiet river should be enough to impress our girlfriend. We could also prepare a few wonderful things in these places, if they are private enough.

3. Post a message in the local newspaper:

This could be combined with the second idea above. During a meal, we could ask our girlfriend to help us to look for something on the classified section. It would surprise her to read the proposal on a newspaper. Just make sure we have prepared everything, such as a ring and other things.

4. Go to the place when we first met her:

This may not be a good idea if it is the local Burger King, but some people could first meet their girlfriends in more romantic places.

5. Go to a secluded beach:

White sand, breeze and clear blue water, nothing is better than these. Before we do this, make sure we research the nice locations to propose our girlfriend. Just prepare some backup locations in the same beach, in case someone else has occupied it.

6. Picnic:

This may not be a good idea during winter, but many of us are blessed with warmer climate throughout much of the year. Romantic picnic offers subtleness and simplicity. It is so simple we can combine it with many different ideas to make the proposal a wonderful occasion.

7. Hot air balloon ride:

It is a wonderful way to propose our girlfriend. While our girlfriend is gazing on the horizon, we could surprise her with a marvellous diamond ring.