In the event that you are searching for a trek to a pilgrimage site in India and need to get the genuine experience of India with old sages with dreadlocks on the asphalts, brilliant celebrations delineating their rich society and custom, head on over to Varanasi. Arranged and time a visit during one of its festivals to take the experience up by a notch.

Top 5 Festivals You Can Be A Part Of On Your Trip To Varanasi

Since Varanasi is the primary pilgrimage site in India and one of the most well-known cities in India, Hindu celebrations happen just about the entire year round. Not just is the city a noteworthy pilgrimage site, it is additionally one of those spots which have turned into a middle for training for the Hindus, chiefly owing the religious and otherworldly domain. Individuals come here to increase profound illumination and take in a few lessons of their confidence from their priests and heavenly men. Aside from the normal Varanasi to Delhi flights utilized by tourists and regular explorers, this spot is also easily approachable by bus, train or taxis. Mentioned beneath are a portion of the top celebrations celebrated in the city.

Ram Leela

This one is something you really need to witness first hand. The Ram Leela celebration is a splendid sanctioning of the rich and elaborate Indian mythology, Mahabharata. It praises the rich society of India and plays are held in the city in the most customary style. The city is verging on inherent the best approach to just recognize this celebration as you will see different areas in the city like Ashok Vatika and Lanka.

Hanuman Jayanti

This festival is a standout amongst the most essential celebrations for Hindus all over India and particularly in Varanasi as it is the birthday of Lord Hanuman. In the Hindu Mythology, Hanuman is known for being an image of force and quality. He was additionally an a standout amongst the most faithful aficionado of Lord Rama and believes he is advised to do by Lord Rama. Hanuman is a standout amongst the most powerful Hindu Gods of the numerous that there is.


Celebrated on the fourteenth day of Phalguna, the Mahashivratri in Varanasi is a celebration devoted exclusively to Lord Shiva. This is a grave and religious celebration celebrated in the sanctuaries. Since Shiva is the fundamental God individuals in Varanasi admire, this celebration holds the most significance here, of the various places and is one celebration that is advanced by the Varanasi tourism.

Buddha Purnima

This celebration praises the introduction of none other than Lord Buddha. Celebrated in an exceptionally conventional way, the celebration falls on a full moon day in the month of Vaisakh. Ruler Buddha was born on a full moon day and died on a full moon day, which most likely is only an incident, yet the enthusiasts accept there is an awesome purpose for it. The festival is celebrated every year and pulls in an enormous swarm of devotees from everywhere.

Dev Deepavali

This celebration is remembered on the fifteenth day after the festival of Diwali. Upon the arrival of the festival, you will see a large number of little earthen lights (diyas) lit up all over Varanasi. This celebration denote a tribute to the stream Ganga by the enthusiasts and nationals of the city. Seen in the month of Kartik on a full moon night, this is one major celebration in the city.

Visit the city during one these festivals to see the city in a light you have never seen before! The city will be jam packed but the sights you witness will be transcendent.