In today’s world information is very easily accessible and the modern shoppers are lazy and used to high quality service. Everything in our lives is fast-paced, and people don’t want to devote too much time to internet searches and shopping. No one wants to read too much or spend an hour looking for specific items – they want it now and they want it cheap! There are specific ways to reach the modern customer, so here are 4 good tips to help you succeed in your online entrepreneurship.

Focus on the visuals

Let’s face it, we live in a world which pampers to people with short attention spans. Some twenty-thirty years ago it was much more difficult to get all sorts of quality information, so when people stumbled upon something they would appreciate it much more and spend some time reading through lines of text. These days however shoppers can get all the information they need on the ins and outs of a specific field on Wikipedia or any number of specialized sites, so you don’t have an obligation to educate the customer. Too much text will be the death of your business, so focus on visual stimulation. The best piece of advice anyone can give you is to get a good web designer and open your wallet wide. You need to catch people’s eyes and mesmerize them with something bright and colorful so they will stay longer and get exposed to all sorts of content in the process.

Multiple pictures of products, a nice color scheme, a professional and elegant font, an interesting interface, an interactive aspect – these are all things that will ensure that people get hooked and stay on your website for half an hour, browsing the content and filling up the shopping cart. Also, try and make it an experience rather than just a bunch of jumbled information. Making your website a layered shopping center type affair, rather than leaving it looking like a ‘50s mom and dad shop with a limited number of pages overcrowded with product pictures and descriptions. Have a lot of different categories, with different views of the products and short and simple descriptions that list the most important characteristics. To check how this looks on real business websites visit mercedes benz parts online store.

Showcase your best products

Although a lot of people will have some level of experience and expertise in the area you specialize in and will therefore know what they want, most of the customers you will have are laymen and beginners in the field that don’t really know what they need. People need to be informed, right of the bat, what products are most popular, what are the best quality pieces, what are the cheapest products, which ones are the most cost-efficient (mid-level quality for a low-level price) and what items are on a discount. Any items that are on sales need to be featured on the main page, with a clear label stating “on sale”, “discount price”, “30% off” or similar. The same goes for the bestselling products. You might even consider making separate pages for best selling items, top quality, user recommended, discontinued and so on.

Offer good deals on certain products

Be sure to have a small number of products on sale from time to time, even if it is an insignificant product such as a small accessory for a more expensive product. In fact giving away free accessories with larger purchases is an old school trick, but an even better option is to have a small accessory on sale on the main page that will link to the page containing a more expensive one. It’s enough for people to see that you often have items on sale and they will consider your website as very good place to stop by every now and again.

Creative marketing

There is no way around this, marketing is key to the success of any business. However, the online world is a bit different. You will need to get some professional help regarding search engine optimization (SEO), so that searches for particular products and services will put your site somewhere within the first two pages, beyond that people quickly loose interest. Having a blog page and a comments section is a good way to get feedback, but also a great way to create a community of loyal fans that will do your marketing for you, and for free. You can find examples of this on YouTube, where people will put out reviews of products. You might want to get in touch with some of the more prominent reviewers and offer some unique deals to their subscribers.

Image credit: ximagination / 123RF Stock Photo