A wedding is joyous celebration that brings people of all ages and from all walks of life together. Finding entertainment that suits everyone’s taste can be difficult and it is important to try and cater for various music genre’s that most people would enjoy.

Sure, it’s your wedding, but people tend to summarise your wedding by how much they enjoyed it. Having a live band is the most popular way of providing entertainment since it is more entertaining and mostly tailored for the occasion.
On your big day, you should always include a playlist of songs you would like performed to make your day memorable, especially for your first dance; but it also important to include popular tracks that can accommodate everyone’s tastes.

So where do you start?

Unless this is an area you’ve experience with, you may need help finding your perfect wedding band.
Below are a couple of great ideas:

1. Wedding Planners

The easiest and most reliable place to start is by getting recommendations from your wedding planners. Ask them for their recommendations first before making any confirmations as you should carry out more research before deciding.

2. Family and Friends

Friends or relatives who’ve had weddings in the past may have good band recommendations. If you’ve been to any of their weddings and liked a particular band, ask them for their contact details and add them to your list.

3. The Internet

The Internet has a vast amount of choices and this should be your last point of reference in your research, as these choices may end up causing you confusion and giving you ‘information overload’. It’s always better to choose a band that are known to be entertaining, recommended to you, have good reviews and who are local (if possible). This way, you may have a chance to hear and see them play and also check out further references they may have.

Tips To Hire The Best Live Band For A Wedding

The vetting process

Once you have your list, it’s now time to shortlist your favorites and this is where the real task begins. It is advisable that you source a band booking agency to check out the bands on your shortlist and to start negotiations regarding the most suitable band type for you and your guests, the bands availability and if they are within your budget. This will save you time and reduce the stress involved, all while allowing you to get the best band for the right price.

However, if you prefer to be more involved, you may opt to make contact with your shortlisted bands yourself. There are two sides to this, but if you are focused and know what you want for your special day, it can offer many advantages, including peace of mind.

What to look out for

If you decide to engage the bands on your own, go for those with most references and preferably have a website. A good band website will allow you to view videos of some of their previous performances or allow users to listen and see how they play. Whichever option you choose to pursue, ensure that you ask important questions such as:

  • Are they available on the date of your wedding?
  • Do they have any recorded videos of them performing at a similar event?
  • Can they play a wide variety of songs in different genres?
  • What their fee is and how many hours will they play for your budget?
  • Any references such as past clients you could contact?
  • Can they learn a song you need played at the wedding?
  • Are there any extra charges apart from their fee?
  • What is their policy on cancellation?
  • How much is the deposit amount and is it refundable on cancellation?

Don’t shy away from asking difficult questions as this is the only way that you can be sure you are getting a quality band for your special day. Make sure that you check every detail about hiring the band before you sign any contract and finalise plans. Remember, choosing good wedding entertainment is so important for your special day so it is memorable by you, your family and guests for years to come.

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