One of the most common discussions is whether we should keep classic cars original or we should update them. Many classic cars are bought before 1970 and it is important to make sure that we could get the original experience. It means that it is not advisable to change our car too much. If we do that, our overall experience won’t be acceptable. If we want to make some upgrades, it is important that reliability and safety won’t be affected. As an example, the braking system of the classic car could already be degraded and this could affect the overall safety. It means that the brake system will need to be replaced, even if there are only newer models that are not used on the original car.

However, we should know that some components like servo won’t be compatible with classic cars. Regardless of what we do, we should prioritize on safety and reliability. By having a reliable classic car, we won’t be stranded on a deserted road far from the nearest town. Some brides and grooms may want to rent classic car to their wedding and it’s not acceptable if the car is a couple of miles away from the wedding location. Electric ignition should also be checked to make sure that I will work properly.

If we need to replace the ignition, we should make sure that it will fit perfectly inside the distributor. If there are problems with the electric system, it may not be able to cope with heater fan, wipers and headlamps. Keeping the exterior of our classic car pristine is actually one of the most straightforward parts of restoring classic cars. It is important that the handling and ride of our car are acceptable. We should know that cars will eventually rattle, when they are older. This could happen because dozens of components have gotten loose and vibration could cause noises. It is important to know where these noises come from. In fact, a car can feel like brand new when all the noises and vibrations are removed.

Reduced vibration could also improve the overall handling of the car. It is important that the wheels have been properly balanced and the differences can be quite substantial. Cars can be driven by people of different size and intention. So it is important to make sure that the car can still be convenient to drive. However, some people may not grasp the concept of maintaining the 60’s experience and they may add satellite navigation devices and other gadgets to their classic cars.

When driving classic car, we should be careful. The road condition can be quite different right now. As an example, bumpy road could puncture the sump. Problems could be detected such as oil slicks that continuously form under the car. In this case, installing sump guard to prevent puncture and other damage is more affordable than replacing the entire component. Any small change shouldn’t diminish the classic character of the car. As an example, power steering, digital audio player and other components don’t have a place inside classic car.