Samsung is the ongoing company that introduces iPhone and other products in a wide manner. Now, everyone in the world loves to buy a branded company mobile or Note. But the last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has released with the stunning features. Most people enjoyed and love to use that one in a wide manner. The Samsung is the upcoming and leading marketers in the world. The Galaxy Note 4 releases for the past year with advanced features to have. Well, there is an excellent opportunity to design with the features and specifications. This is widely accepted by all Samsung users. Now, most of the Samsung users eagerly waiting for the new and upcoming Note with ease. As per the assumption, this Galaxy Note 5 wills definitely going to rock in the year of 2015.

Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy Note 4: What Would Be New?

Release Date of Galaxy Note 5

The Galaxy Note 4 was released in September 2014. It has many highly advanced features that to set forward among the users. As this gets released in the market, it crosses more than thousands of users who buy it and used. But, the Galaxy Note 5 is not yet released till now. Most of the users are eagerly waiting for new and upcoming Galaxy Note 5. Soon the Samsung owners will expect to announce the release date and specification of it.


The expectation about the Samsung Note 5 is very high among the Samsung lovers. There is much expectation to be featured in the newcomer product. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 4 has much specification to use and very easy to handle the application which is installed in it. Rather, this Galaxy Note 5 will expect the same stunning performance and specification in it. This will expect to design with Exynos 7xxx Docdeca-core processor or QUALCOMM snapdragon clocked around 2.9 GHz. Apart from the processor, the display would expect to have a 6 inch AMOLED Plus screen to view large screen on it. Also, this could expect with 4 GB RAM that to store large amount of data and files in it. This could expect to be specified under Android 5.0 Lollipop or 6.6 Android M. Most often, the camera is expected to have 20.9 Mega pixels in the main and 5 Mega pixels for the front camera. In order to handle an easy and lightweight process, this may expect to have 170 and 190 grams. It may expect to have network supports both 2G and 3G systems. You may also expect with S Pen stylus features that might get install in it. The Galaxy Note 5 is yet to release with advanced features and expect to have inbuilt storage.

Features of Galaxy Note 5

Some might really expect this at a high rate that to carry with new style and design. You will surely expect this Galaxy Note 5 with the best deals in the market place. This could have expected to have such technology, which includes NFC (near field communication), Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and other features to expect in excellence.