Over the past few years, there has been a rising trend in the IT field. This major change led to more automation and a steady decrease in how humans intervene. These individuals in the field have benefit from virtualization. Not to mention, Vmware and Hyper-V allow them to create in less than 20 minutes.

Preparing a virtual workspace comes with its share of complications. Gaining clearance for the project doesn’t always happen. Not to mention, the process may last longer than 20 minutes. The waiting period for a VM could last for two weeks or longer after the initial request. However, Infrastructure as Code, also referred to as IAC, could impact this positively.

So what is IAC?

IAC is an IT infrastructure provisioning process. The type of IT infrastructure preparation process includes the systems being built automatically. They are managed and provisioned through code, as opposed to using a less flexible scripting process or even a manual process. In some cases, you may hear the term IAC being called a programmable infrastructure.

IAC is something you need to embrace and welcome into the IT world. It is a much faster process when compared to other options. Human error has a tendency to cause unforeseen problems. Once your code is solid, IAC actually eliminates human error.

Infrastructure as code is technologically advanced. It allows users to keep up with microservices in an era where the cloud is revered.

You will be able to make changes easily and quickly. Plus, by eliminating human error, you will be able to do it safer and more reliably. Basically, your IT infrastructure acts as software.

It makes replicating a process much simpler

This is because you are using a code to automate the process. This means you can set up and configure a virtual machine. The process is now fast. It repeats itself, so you’re not spending needless time doing it. Additionally, the machine is doing it without error.

IAC provides you with a flexible coding option

However, it is in a scripted format. The IAC is actually responsible for determining the infrastructure produced. There is no need to develop a server farm because an IAC has the power to do it for you.

Although IAC has not been around a long time and research regarding it is limited, it is worth a try. By not keeping up with the times, you may be doing harm. Convert to IAC and you will notice your coding is more reliable.

It is important to realize that IAC isn’t a product; it’s a process

It is a process that revolves around the concept that speed is necessary in a fast-paced world in order to keep up with and beat the competition. It is also important because it can save a company a large sum of money. This is because it makes the process faster and alleviates errors. Finally, it reduces shadow IT.

IAC is beginning to take over. It is changing the way coding is handled. It is taking us away from outdated programming and into an entirely new world where human error is reduced.

Katrina is a “product specialist”, solving issues for your computer server and power needs at Racksolutions.com