There are a variety of different reasons that someone may prefer a faux fur coat over a real one. Faux furs are easier to care for and can be less weighty, making them easier to wear. No animals are harmed in order to produce them, so anyone can wear a pretty coat without compromising their ethics. Sometimes the biggest reason to choose a faux fur is cost, as a faux fur coat can cost as little as 10 percent the cost of a real pelt coat.

Tips On Buying A Faux Fur Long Coat Online

How to Be Sure it’s Faux

Those interested in faux furs for the sake of protecting animal life will want to be sure that what they’re buying is truly cruelty-free. While there are many different ways to check whether a fur came from an animal, the most reliable test that works even on a sheared fur is to check the backing. A faux fur will be woven into some kind of fabric backing, while a fur from an animal is attached to a leather-like material, which is the animal’s hide. Even if the fur has been dyed, the nature of the backing material will be a dead giveaway. There are many furs available on the market that are brilliantly colored or unnaturally patterned and therefore very obviously faux. These can be great pieces if you like to make a bold statement or if you are concerned about other people mistaking your faux fur coat for a real one. At the lowest price points, that can be obvious for other reasons. Some faux fur coats are cheaply made and their matted appearance and unnatural texture will give them away. If you’re going for a realistic look, be prepared to make a reasonable investment.

Buying Faux Fur Coats Online

If you are interested in buying a faux fur long coat online, you may check official faux fur coat websites like Adela Queen or online department stores. Wherever you are buying from, make sure it is a reputable seller that you feel comfortable with and trust. Also check all return policies before buying online to ensure you won’t be stuck with the merchandise if you don’t like it or it arrives not as described.

As the quality of faux fur has increased over time and with new technological advancements, so has the range of wonderful designs and colors available in faux fur coats. It has become easier to find a faux fur for every occasion. Women or men who want to own a fur coat may choose a faux fur that looks every bit as elegant as the classic furs, or as bright and colorful as their personalities. They will also spare themselves the hassles of sending their coats off for refrigerated summer storage, annual professional cleaning, expensive restyling when fashions change, and all the other unnecessary expenses that come with caring for a true fur coat. Faux fur has really caught on in the last few years, making now a good time as any to add a piece or two to your wardrobe.