Aromatherapy is fast making its way into our homes and offices. Aromatherapy is essentially the use of aromas or fragrances in our home/offices to uplift our moods and calm our senses. There are multiple methods and tools used for the purpose of aromatherapy. One of the popular methods used widely is Aromatherapy reed diffusers.

Have you ever come across a store selling fragrances and essential oils, and noticed elegant glass bottles that have reeds sticking out of them? Well, they are exactly what I am talking about right now. These are Aromatherapy reed diffusers that you could use at your place to make your surrounding smell like a thousand gardens! These reeds offer a continuous scent. Now, I know that they do not come across as something, the application of which looks obvious. And yes, you do not have to light the reeds. Period.

Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser: The What, How and When Of It

A Detailed Take on Aromatherapy Reed Diffusers

As I have mentioned earlier, reed diffusers are probably one of the best ways to make your surroundings ‘scent up!’

So how does it work? The mechanism of reed diffusers is pretty easy to understand. The reeds will soak in the fragrance oil, which it will then expel into the surrounding air.  This process keeps up till the fragrance oil completely evaporates. Reed diffusers are great news for them who cannot always to keep an eye on scented candles.

So, how do you Set up your Reed Diffuser?

Do not let all those reeds sticking out of the top worry you! Setting up the diffuser is a fairly easy process. In some diffusers, the oil is already present inside the vessel. You simply have to put in the reeds after taking the stopper out. Certain diffusers come with the oil packaged in another container. In that case, you have to add few drops of it to the vessel. Do not forget to put the cap back on the oil container to tightly seal it, and store it in a dark and cool cupboard or similar storage unit. You could add more drops of the oil to your diffuser every time you feel the fragrance has gone down.

Sometimes, the oil can spill out of the vessel while putting the reeds in. It is best to go through the set-up process over a non-porous table rather than doing it on the final area of placement.

In what Ways can you Use your Reed Diffuser?

Well, the possibilities depend on your creativity and imagination. But, to make your task easier, I have compiled a list of the many ways you could utilize your diffuser.

The best place to keep your reed diffuser is somewhere where there is ample air circulation. You could also place it near your main door. How wonderful it would be to enter your home and walk in through the captivating scent of jasmine or rose!

For a more potent fragrance, you could keep turning over the reeds. The more you turn the reeds over, the more will be the fragrance. Quick fact- the number of reeds you turn over and the number of times you do will affect the evaporation process of your oil. Also, turning the reeds over can cause oil spills over the surface it is placed on; ensure you do it somewhere suitable. Never forget to clean up the fallen oil drops. You could always use a coaster to avoid oil drops from ruining your beautiful countertops.

Don’t you just hate the mouldy and stale smell when you are back home from a holiday? Well, the next time you leave for a holiday, just turn over the reeds of your diffuser and come back to a scented paradise. It is important to consider the size of your room before selecting a reed diffuser. The best practice is to clean regularly your diffuser with water and soap before adding a new package of the oil. When cleaning and changing the oil, do not forget to replace those dusty reeds.