This holiday season there are a plethora of new electronic devices that will be sure to delight the gadget lover on your list. The top three gadgets that everyone will be talking about this year are:

There are many tablets that are currently on the market, and the number is increasing as each day passes. While the market leader is indisputably the iPad, it is also the most expensive printable vouchers. The newest generation of iPad comes with a built in camera and access to the thousands of applications available for free and for purchase at the iTunes App store. Starting at around $500 the iPad is definitely a bit more on the expensive side, but it is expertly designed and the operating system is sleek and fast.

Amazon is releasing a tablet in time for the holidays and is hoping to give Apple a run for its money by enticing those who are on the fence about buying a tablet with a lower priced option that has fewer features. Dubbed the Kindle Fire, it does not have a camera or many of the other features that the iPad has, but costs around $200.

Digital cameras and video recorders
Digital cameras and digital video recorders are always popular gifts for any budding filmmakers or shutterbugs on your list. Digital cameras have come down in price dramatically over the years and it is now possible to get a quality point-and-shoot camera for under $300, with many options under $200. Additionally, higher quality professional cameras with DSLR lens are also becoming more affordable to the non-professional user. However, professional quality cameras with DSLR lenses are still fairly pricey and are usually only considered as an option for the serious hobbyist.

For filmmakers, the flip video camera is a popular choice. This simple video camera connects directly to your computer via a USB plug and usually comes with video software to make editing and sharing videos quick and easy.

Digital readers
Digital readers are excellent choices for the gadget-loving bookworm. The two most popular digital readers are the Kindle and the Nook. As new versions of the Kindle and the Nook are released, they are fast starting to resemble stripped down tablets. However, the most popular version of the Kindle has recently dropped in price and now costs under $100, making it an attractive option for one not looking to break his or her bank when shopping for that gadget loving friend or family member. Also, the Kindle and the original Nook both use E Ink, a technology that reads like paper and is easy to read in direct sunlight, unlike the Nook Colour or the soon to be released Kindle Fire.

While there are many options out there for your favourite gadget lover, these are the hottest items on the market this holiday season.