Being a beginner you will need to learn and understand the basic rules about Pickleball. It is good to be familiar with the game, so as to play comfortably. The basic rules are very simple and easy to understand. It is these rules that make the game fun to play. They are extremely easy to know. If you want, you may start playing right away. Just like any other game but as you cross several levels, the rules become more complex.


The game is for your entire family. Since all are welcome that is why game rules are kept simple and easy to understand. For the simple reason that at times, if the rules are tough, they de-motivate the players. Once you start to play, you may realize that the rules are very much similar to the rules of volley ball, ping pong, and tennis. So what are you waiting for, it is time to begin!

The only thing constant in life is change and same applies to the rules of this game, as well. Teachers may make amendments the time they feel because it may get tough for younger players to understand the logic behind a certain rule. To know things in detail you may conveniently visit

The Rules

The two bounce

It is a must for ball to bounce twice. Once on one side is mandatory. If you want the ball to hit in the air this rule is a must. Else your hit will not be considered. It is somewhat similar to the volley ball game.

This rule serves very instrumental in this game. The team that serves cannot go for deep serving of the ball. If this is not done, they may not be able to attack their opponents the way they want to. It is best to wait and allow the bouncing of the ball to happen, as it gives time to the players to warm themselves up and play better.

The ones in hurry- end up having tough times, ahead. Here is the moment when you must take the guidance of a coach. The coach will also suggest that bouncing of ball from both sides is needed.

The Zone of Non-volley faults

The referred zone is rectangular in shape. The measurement is equal to 7 feet by 20 feet. As mentioned before- the game is a family game, which is why this area was placed for the players to stay back post they hit the ball. The rules are very instrumental in preventing any sort of injury caused to any player. They are also helpful in having better and quality games.

Paraphernalia needed

This game may be played indoors and outdoors both. To be able to play this game you need certain equipments. They are as follows:-

  • A court
  • A net
  • Paddles
  • Pickleballs

Pickleball paddles are the key ingredient needed in this game. The use is directly proportional to the material you use. You can opt for wooden or graphite paddles, it is personal choice, whether a heavy one is good or a light paddle.