There are many people who love the game of football. They go to a very large extent to share their love of the sport with others. One individual who actually loves sharing the sport with others is Jonathan Bunge. He is from Cleveland Ohio and not only watches football but also shares his thoughts and ideas about the game as well.

When it comes to the sport of football, Jonathan says that it teaches you many life skills. First of all football is an endurance game where you play with a team. The joys of winning and losing are shared together and no one is responsible for victory or loss. As a game, it also keeps you physically fit and fine. The exercises and the drills entail a lot of energy consumption. It aids weight loss and management.

 Jonathan Bunge says that football is a game that is accessible to everyone. The only thing you need is a ball. The game is not reserved for the rich or poor. The rules of the game are simple for everyone to understand. With the aid of football, you can connect with one another- it develops psychosocial skills.  It also gives you the scope to face challenges and overcome them instantly. In life, you will see that there are issues that crop up. The general response is either fight or flight. Football is a game that actually gives you the courage to face issues and challenges with success. You cannot escape from the ground. You effectively have to face the issue with your teammates. When you are successful after the challenge, you will taste the fruits of success together!

Jonathan says that parents should encourage their kids to play football. He was very fortunate as his parents allowed him to play football from a very young age. He says that kids who start playing football from a small age are more socially balanced and positive.

Jonathan Bunge loves sharing his experiences with the sport in his blog. He is in the transport industry but he does take time out to write when he is not traveling. Jonathan says that he is not a very good writer but if you read his posts you will find that he has a lovely writing style. His posts are simple to read and easy to understand. He emphasizes on the fact that football teaches you specific life skills that are positive and encouraging.

Jonathan ensures that he takes time to write interesting topics for his readers. He also encourages small kids to play football. He says that he has been lucky as a child. His parents encouraged him to play football from an early age. His mother was initially scared of the falls and injuries but with the support and encouragement of his father, she relented and allowed him to play. Besides writing about football, Jonathan also writes about his other passions and interests too. They include tattoos and his personal experiences on the road. He likes sharing his ideas among his readers and though he claims he is not a good writer, his posts are really entertaining for everyone to read!