The Samsung Galaxy Note series has been among the hot favorite of all. A Samsung lover or not, the Note has never failed to amaze its users. Next in line is the Galaxy Note 6, and so here we are to find you some good news and features on the phone.

The phone is expected to b up for purchase in the mid 2016, and with nearing of time, the users are already wondering what the Galaxy Note 6 will be like.

The specifications of the Smartphones is what the first and foremost thing ot be considered is, and next comes the looks. Among features the camera seems to be the most important of all.

The Ravishing Tablet Is All About To Be Here: Galaxy Note 6

The Galaxy Note 6 is likely to have a bigger battery, faster processor, a 4K screen and 3D camera. Well, as fascinating as it sounds to be, let us have a closer look of the smartphone. As far as the rumors are concerned the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is likely to have a 30 MP front camera. Oh yes, this is surely one reason why the phone is a must have. Samsung seems to have swapped the cameras as per the needs of today for so much of selfie’s. the Galaxy Note 6 is likely to have a 7 MP front camera and so, work out well enough for all the selfie lovers.

The phone is going to be available in black and white colors with a 16 GB of memory to 356 GB of memory. The phone is also going to have a foldable display and a retina or fingerprint scanner as well. The smartphone will prove to be a wonder in the world of Smartphones.

The optical image stabilization function has got to a whole new and different level all together. With such functions, the battery also has to improve, and so here is a 4200 mAh battery for the Galaxy Note 6 which will give a cut throat challenge to ipad air 4. With an expectant 6.2 inch screen, the Note 6 is going to make a mark of its own. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, what the company is trying to do is build up a phone which is self sufficient. A tablet, a smartphone and a laptop, may be this one device could suffice for all your needs.

Now comes the pricing of the phone. Well, this one won’t come easy in any possible way. The phone is expected to be priced at 1100 USD. Well, now that indeed is too much, but if apple can be paid for with so much, why not the Samsung which definitely has a lot to offer.

It is October or September next year that the phone can be expected to be all set in action, until then there is a little wait that follows. So, folks until you can’t have the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 on your hands, try enjoying with the ones you do for now!

Happy waiting, Adieu!