The new Apple iPad Air 2 works well, quickly, smoothly. Trouble deliver only the keyboard from which had to be abandoned. Claims to work with little built-in software: the menu Share, in which the order is lost manual sorting applications, but iCloud support in applications that support synchronization through this service. Games like Real Racing 3, Asphalt 8 with support for Metal work is also very fast and smoothly.

Apple iPad Air 2: Slimmer and Faster

There were complaints about the RAM. Many noticed in Twitter, which is now in the presence of 2 GB of RAM “straight good” and “tab does not redraw” when switching from game to the browser. So, to the browser – no, but some of the applications have time to get out, so they need to re-launch and authorization – it’s great strain. And by the way, yes, tanks go with a bang! Honest 60-59 fps. Slight sag to 50 fps happens when the large number of tanks on the screen, especially when they are in a gunfight and chips spread sheds. But it is in the detail.

Despite the fact that many troll in iPad, as a large chamber, thanks to a very convenient controls and switches modes to shoot on iPad Air 2 comfortably. Especially because it is also easy, lighter than those monsters on Android, which can be anything decent to photograph. There are so much noticeable artifacts that appear when you touch the screen on the outside or the inside. They are, but only if you click on the rear side of the tablet and very strong. If you press on the screen arbitrarily strongly artifacts do not appear. Yes, and we see no reason why it took us to do, because the screen of iPad Air 2 is very sensitive to even the lightest touch and has one of the best if not the best, and the most responsive to the market. The absence of a lever switch to landscape mode or turn off the sound, for it we are certainly upset, but did not pursue this aim of Apple, adding this feature in the bottom menu to navigate through? All this can be done on the lock screen, through the lower sub-menu.

To sum ​​up experience, the tablet you would really like. We can safely recommend buying. However, as an upgrade from the previous model, does not look. If you really like device with Touch ID and very fancy graphics then Apple iPad Air 2 belongs to you. But if you already the owner of iPad Air first generation then question will remain same for you, do you need to upgrade but our recommendation is wait for the next version Apple iPad Air 3 release. But again, you have to wait more as it is no near and would be released in Sept this year.