As more companies come to rely on technology for their success, information technology positions are now in high demand. For those that are passionate about technology and would like to turn that passion into a career, take a look at these six lucrative job options.

1. Software Developer

Software developers are the specialists that focus on the big picture when it comes to computer programs and mobile apps. Unlike the programmers that actually write the code, the software developer keeps the project going in the right direction from start to finish.

2. Information Security Analyst

The digital security industry is one of the fastest growing in the country as more data than ever is being digitized. A security analyst’s job is to think like a criminal and plug any gaps in a company’s security before they are exploited.

6 Tech Jobs That Are In High Demand and Pay Well

3. Web Developer

Becoming a web developer will provide quite a bit of freedom for those that would like to work from home or create their own schedule. While they are not the highest paid specialists on this list, they are still in high demand as countless businesses are in need of eye-catching and responsive websites.

4. Database Administrator

The Labor Department estimates that there could be as many as 17,900 new database admin job openings within the next five years. The big data industry continues to grow and the job of a database analyst is to develop methods for collecting, securing, analyzing, and storing large amounts of data for a company. Getting a master’s degree in database administration is required for some positions.

5. Business Analyst

A business analyst can make the difference between success and failure when a company is preparing to develop or release new products and services. These specialists utilize a number of different types of technology to improve a business model and reduce risks. While the job is important, business analyst positions are regularly cited as one of the most flexible and low-stress career paths.

6. Mechanical Engineer

For professionals that would like a more hands-on job, they may want to consider becoming a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers have a wide variety of options for specializations including aerospace, thermal, acoustical, naval, and vehicle engineering. Mechanical engineers also have one of the lowest unemployment rates at around 2.7 percent.

Tech jobs have become some of the fastest growing careers in the nation with a huge demand for trained and certified professionals. These six positions are some of the best options with low unemployment rates and high salaries.