The kids know the fruit name very well and it’s every body’s favorite fruit in summer days. It’s so tasty, soft, smooth, cools you immediately after you eat it. The water content of the fruit makes you refreshed in a few minutes and gives you an instant energy. This fruit not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Eating watermelon doesn’t only reduce thirst, but it helps you in many ways. It consists of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, fiber and good acids.

Watermelons are rich in electrolytes and water content, mostly and widely used to face summer conditions around the globe. These fruits are very low in calories and help you in maintaining good health conditions in summer.

For the people who require Vitamin –A, watermelon is a great source, because it consists of rich natural anti-oxidants. For 100g of watermelon contents provides 15-20% daily required levels of this vitamin. Its boosts skin tone for teen girls and women’s. This fruit content is widely used in facial creams and beauty lotions.

This fruit is also an excellent carrier of potassium, which plays a vital role in controlling body temperature agents and control of blood pressure levels. Eating this fruit in summer hot conditions keeps us away from sun strokes and heart related diseases.

The one more ingredient in the fruit called arginine gives Viagra like power to men. This ingredient helps the body vessels get relaxed with help of boosting nitric oxides. The water melon also has rich levels of lycopene which protects the cell damage and also helps in keeping your heart at good health condition.

The benefit of eating watermelon is it helps in improving your digestion process. The fiber content of this fruit encourages regulating your digestive system. The vitamin-C and vitamin –A of this fruit are helpful in maintaining a good hair.

The anti-oxidants of watermelon fruit are also helping like other fruits in reducing the chances of cancer through their anti-oxidant characteristics. The athletes of games can eat the fruit of limited quantity before the day of the game as it helps reduce heart rate and next day muscle soreness. This due to the rich contents of amino acids in the fruit.

The vitamin-c inside the fruit also helps to increase your immunity levels. The vitamin-c widely available for us in different fruits of citrus family. The seeds of the this fruit are also very useful In cooking, the seeds are dried and roasted and mixed with different shapes and also used like almonds. In some countries the outer thick skin also used to make pickles.