As children, we’re taught how important dental hygiene is and the importance of brushing our teeth, flossing and gargling throughout the day. Our parents put this healthy foundation in place so that in our adult years we would incorporate it into our everyday routine. Dental hygiene is something that is important to people of all ages and quite honestly is the most vital piece of our dental health care. Practicing daily oral hygiene is beneficial to not only our teeth and gums but to our smiles and appearance as well. But perhaps most importantly, a proper dental regimen is really the only solution for keeping us away from painful and expensive dental procedures.


Brushing your teeth three times per day, typically with a fluoride toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush, is the first and most important step in maintaining healthy teeth. Brushing our teeth removes all food particles which, if left unattended to, can cause various dental problems such as cavities and tooth decay, which can result in root canals and extractions.


The daily flossing of your teeth and gums also plays an important part in your dental health. Flossing removes the embedded food particles from under our gums and between our teeth which brushing alone does not remove. By flossing regularly, you will prevent bleeding gums, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Rinsing afterward is important to ensure you don’t leave those particles on your teeth to have to brush off later.


Another important step in our daily dental hygiene is gargling with strong mouthwash at least once per day. Gargling not only provides us with fresh and healthy breath, but it eliminates bacteria that have grown in the mouth and on the tongue over time. These bacteria contribute to bad breath and can also cause other issues in the mouth as well.

The Tongue

To continue with our hygiene, we should perform daily tongue cleaning and scraping at least once per day. This simple procedure also eliminates bacteria and residue from the tongue and helps to promote better breath and overall dental hygiene.

Regular Cleanings

As much as we might like to stay out of the dentist’s chair entirely, the final step in your proper dental hygiene program is to schedule regular visits to Dr. Johnson or your local hygienist. By engaging in preventive dental care and visiting your dentist twice a year for an annual checkup, you can prevent more painful or costly dental problems from arising.

During these visits, the hygienist will clean, polish and whiten your teeth and perform x-ray screenings that are sure to capture any potential dental issues that may be developing. Your doctor will perform a full exam during these visits and offer you any specific instructions that they feel would be beneficial to your dental health.

Though it can prove to be somewhat inconvenient and time-consuming to engage in a complete daily dental regimen, we all know how critically important it is. Making our dental health and hygiene, a priority is the path to whiter teeth, stronger gums, fresher breath, and a beautiful smile that we can be proud of.

Lautaro Martinez is a freelance writer and professional student who contributes articles and advice on a variety of issues affecting families and student living.

Image by Dominic Sayers, sourced from Flickr.