Organized parties are not just for kids. Adults can have just as much fun, if not more. The outcome is a product of stupendous planning and some luck concerning factors beyond control such as climate, the mood of the guests, and their interactions. To plan properly, enough time is needed. Announce the event two weeks in advance to provide leeway to schedule and organize all the details of the party and increase the odds of success.

When thinking of dates, ensure that the occasion does not overlap with any other important celebration. Also, keep in mind that many people will arrive late or will not show up at all. So, feel free to include more people than initially planned for. However, do account for any “plus ones” because this may throw off the guest count by a large margin. With today’s technology and access, forget the old invitation cards of decades past. Use Facebook to create an event and send the invitations digitally. Set up some reminders and other important information that invited friends and family can access. Facebook has simplified the concept of events by providing a platform where practically all the information is available in one place. Take advantage and leverage the power of social media.

Now that your invitations have been sent, it’s time to focus on entertainment — specifically the music. Nothing is worse than listening to a playlist on an infinite loop with a mix of terrible music that no one — except for the playlist creator — enjoys. Also, account for that one person who takes over the music and repeats the same ballad over and over after a few drinks. Take control and create an amazing playlist that is sure to keep everyone upbeat, dancing, and partying.

Food is also an important component. But don’t get too elaborate or complicate your life by cooking for days. At this age, most adults will be conversing, drinking and dancing. Quick finger foods will suffice.

Maybe you want to throw a themed party. Be make sure that you provide some examples of attire so that party-goers are clear on expectations. Also, decorate according to the theme. Do not be afraid to use cool props. Many companies such as Premier Glow specialize in selling toys and party accessories that create an amazing atmosphere. Some people will even tailor the finger foods and drinks to the theme. Also, parties do not just have to be at home. Consider setting up an event at the beach or by a pool. Take advantage of the summertime and enjoy the weather, creating unforgettable memories.

Whatever the location or theme, you are sure to create new stories. Make sure that someone takes on the responsibility of taking pictures or coordinating the sharing of pictures. Once again, take advantage of Facebook and agree on uploading all media so that everyone can relive the party. Otherwise, consider a photo booth rental. These booths can be a lot of fun and, apart from capturing the moment, they can add a cool factor. As you plan and work on the event, always keep in mind that the idea of a party is to create a wonderful environment to enjoy. Keep your guests well- entertained with drinks, good music, and food. The happier your guests are, the higher the probability of a successful party.