One of the most important things you can do if you own a hot tub or spa is to ensure it is always kept in a clean and germ free condition. There are several efficient products on the market that do this job well and it’s really just a matter of preference as to which you decide to use. Read any information thoroughly and get the advice of your hot tub supplier if you need any help.

One particularly efficient product that can do the job well the Multi-Spa Tabs. They come in a 1KG tub and are made up of three layers to eliminate scale, prevent foaming and suppress calcium as well as preventing bacteria forming in the water.

Many people would rather use chlorine to eliminate any potentially harmful bacteria and Blue Horizons Ultimate Chlorine Granules are one product you could consider. They are an improved version of the standard chlorine granules and now include clarifiers and extra oxidisers for improved water quality.

Of course nothing should replace a thorough cleaning regime but if you are in a hurry then you could try using a Spa Fusion Aqua Sachet which will allow you to use your hot tub or spa again in an hour. This fast acting chlorine shock treatment was designed for the destruction of non-filterable wastes and will enhance the clarity of the water.

Spa Marvel Water Treatment is another option to consider. If you want an effective product that is chemical free, that is gentle on your skin, will eliminate the need to shower after your hot tub session whilst reducing scum lines on the tub then this is certainly worth trying. It will also help to balance the alkalinity and pH level of the water whilst eliminating foam.