The success of your business heavily relies on a number of crucial factors and unity of your core teams is one of the most important ones. For example, recent studies demonstrate that aligned organizations achieve an average of 32% annual revenue growth while less aligned companies report an average of 7% drop in revenue. Synchronizing your marketing, sales and customer service activities means that each of your employees has a clear vision of what they are doing and why. Regardless of the size of your business, you need to realize that your company is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts where each employee needs to be a team player that strives for a single goal of delivering flawless customer service while increasing revenue. And if your departments are not working cooperatively, the consequences may be difficult to predict. However, cloud CRM offers a solution to the problem of misalignment. Let’s take a closer look at how web-based automation can actually make your business more productive.

Cloud-based CRM Software

Nurture the leads with cloud CRM instead of dropping them

Your marketing team is responsible for effective lead generation. Marketers utilize sophisticated marketing campaigns to attract as many high-quality leads as possible. Once qualified, they pass them on to your sales team for them to convert those prospects into loyal customers. Unfortunately, sales reps ignore 50% of marketing qualified leads. The lack of appropriate lead nurturing turned out to be one of the most cited reason for such poor results. Obviously, marketing and sales department should be synced up as both of these teams need to have a good understanding of what a qualified lead is. At the same time, 63% of prospect who are interested in your company will not make a purchase within 3 months and 20% will require 12 months to finally make a purchase. Moreover, the studies reveal that 80% of leads that were deemed as “bad” actually make purchases within 24 months. That is why it is crucially important to implement CRM software that is equipped with powerful tools for efficient lead management – from demand generation to lead nurturing until the hand-off to sales. Actually, the companies that strategically invest into lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost per acquisition. For best results, a number of special processes should be identified to leverage the interest of prospective leads. That way, your salespeople will keep their focus on the highest-qualified leads.

Unite different teams with cross-functional processes

Every company wants to increase the quality of their customer service and customer loyalty rates. In order to achieve that ambitious goal you need to define unified processes on each stage of customer interactions for each of your departments. Fortunately, online CRM is a technological solution that is capable of setting up joint processes for different teams and units of your organization. Despite the fact that those units may contact your prospect on different stages of customer journey, many companies tend to overlook this essential aspect. The failure to connect the dots between key business processes leaves gaps in the ability to effectively serve customers. Consequently, 86% of the ever-demanding customers stop doing business with the vendor who caused poor customer experience and 37% of customers switch vendors immediately without giving them a second chance. The automation of joint processes makes the lives of your clients easier as it saves their time and increases the levels of customer satisfaction as it helps to get rid of the redundancies like providing the same information to various agents on various stages of customer journey.

Share information between all units of your company

They say that sharing is caring. This statement could not be truer if we talk about automation of all customer-facing activities. That is why you need to create a cooperative environment in your company to promote collaboration between your departments. For example, is an excellent automation solution that turns individual employees of your company into a goal-oriented team. This cloud CRM is equipped with various productivity and collaboration tools to keep the workflow of your employees synchronized as it has created an enterprise social network (ESN). Communication is the foundation of successful team collaboration. Enterprise social network enables colleagues to distribute precious data, engage, and cooperate. Your employees can review the latest news from various channels, assignments or associates. ESN users from several divisions and business units can debate the progress of deals and task regardless of where your sales reps, marketers or customer support agents are actually located. They can also share best practices, participate in insightful Q&As, “like” or comment on posts, thus increasing employee engagement and productivity.

bpm’online cloud-based enterprise social network

Obviously, it is essential to have marketing, sales and service automation software to be seamlessly integrated on a single CRM platform as such alignment would not be possible otherwise. That way, you will be able to unlock the potential of your business to the fullest.

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